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Microfiber Leather Pet Furniture Protector

Pet lover want near to furry friend but face problem with their dust. All the shedding resolves your big problem easily and you can make possible your pet near to you. Our pet solution is batter for sofa seating. With this idea you will safe from sweeping dog hair from furniture. After dog seating just cover off the sheet from sofa and get clear space. It’s must for pet lovers and a pet lover. Pet sofa covers are easy and budget-friendly way that can quickly adopt. With this idea you can safe your luxury furniture from pet fur or stains.

Faux Suede Pet Furniture Cover:

1 faux suede pet furniture cover

Pet faux suede sofa cover you can lie down on back, seat, and arm. Your pet can sleep in different style with comfy features of cover. Box quilted chocolate color, polyester fiber faux suede sofa cover is snag resistant and soil. One long piece covers the whole front look of sofa. It’s washable and line dry.

Leather Sofa Couches Cover:

2 leather sofa couch cover

Leather sofa couch cover is costly as compare to faux suede cover. It gives same look as faux suede cover but has different detail features. Pet leather furniture covers rinse urine directly on floor if pet accidently do it. You can clean the pet fur with brush from leather cover with out and hurdle.

Pet Fit Slipcover:

3 image005

Polyester fiber furniture covers easy to clean and waterproof. It gives extra protection even you can use in your car when you want to go outside with your pet. For high back sofa set you can get it and at a time your one to two pet take rest. Yu can select the color of cover match with sofa.

Microfiber Pet Sofa Cover:

3 microfiber pet sofa cover

For velvet sofa seating you can get microfiber cover. Pet furniture protector gives warmth feelings to your pet in cold weather condition. You pet entertain with your activities after seating of living room sofa. Microfiber sofa cover is durable and excellent draper with its light weight.

Printed Cotton Fabric Sofa Cover:

4 printed cotton fabric sofa cover

Colorful cotton printed sofa cover give bright look to living room. On gray color sofa seat pet cover make focal point. Cotton fabric quickly observes the water and has ability to stop fur to go inside. You can wash the furniture cover in washing machine when become dirty.

Micro Plush Olive Color Pet Furniture Cover:

5 microplush olive color pet furniture cover

The above image furniture cover has long back flap that make you free from washing, and fur stain. Olive color cover allows you to give comfort seat to pet and after words easily drop. It’s so soft, soil resistant and best suited for small sofa.

Red Color Furniture Protector:

6 red color sofa cover

Red color sofa cover also available n long size as you need. You can enjoy work with your pet after seating on cover. Red furniture protector crafted with microfiber material. You can wear the cover to sofa from back and hand.

Reversible Sofa Cover:

7 reversible sofa cover

Friendly furniture cover keeps safe your sofa seating from pet dust. You can entertain your pet every time that best for its health. Texture leather cover wear from center of sofa. Remove the cover when pet go in itself house.

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