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Loyal Japanese Spitz Dog as Pet Information with Picture



Japanese spitz dog were first developed in 1920 and in 1930 by crossbreeding number of spitz breed develop. This breed of dog began with white German spitz that originally comes from china to Japan for introducing in Tokyo exhibition in 1921. Small to medium size Japanese spitz dog breed now spread all over the word that is ideal as pet. These dog acts as watchdog. Charming look dog are brilliant due to their white furry coat.

Life Span:

Life expectancy of Japanese spitz is 10 to 16 years.



Japanese dog body size round about 33 cm with deep chest, square body, and pure white thick coat. Outer coat has short fluffy fur while ruff fur found around the neck. The tail of dog is long and curved shape cover with long fur. Cute white coat pack with black pads and feet nails. Large oval shape Eyes and nose also come in black color. Japanese spitz dog has wedge-shape face.

Body Size:


Japanese spitz dog body ideal size varied in Japan, UK, New Zealand, united kennel club but 30 to 38 cm found in Japan.

Body Weight:

Male 6-7 kg
Female 5-6 kg



Affectionate, loyal, intelligent, social and playful Japanese spitz god are ideal both for people and children. Most breed of dog is watchable beside this fact these are small in size.  Companion dog want to live in human attention. Active and loveable dog like to live inside home and enjoy Children Company. Playful, alert, and obedient dog are normally bearing. Little size dog becomes hyper sensitive to their surrounding and then owner quickly can know about strange situation.



Like other dog bred Japanese spitz also suffers in some health issue. The condition that affect this breed of dog include like:
•    Runny eyes (due to having tear ducts)
•    Patellar luxation (in this condition kneecap remove from its exact origin or position)
•    Allergies (that especially get from long grass or stressed)



Japanese spitz can bear cold but prefer to live in house warm environment. Belief Japanese spitz dog coat is very easy to clean by hair brush. Instead of it this breed of dog likes to play in dirt but don’t get dust on its body like a cat that lick itself. These dogs shed their thick coat once time in a year so give them well groomed. Shed dog coat after 10 days.



Japanese spitz not needs lots of exercise but like daily walk. Dogs can take 1.5 to1.8 meter high jump through fence or gate.  Lots of exercise result few problems emerged in dog life. Don’t allow your pet Japanese spitz to take jump up from furniture or stair because too much pressure fragile their limbs and joints.



If you are look after a Japanese spitz puppy provide them same food not any day change otherwise their tummy will upset. If you assure that your puppy don’t get digestive upset then you can change its diet on every day base. Older dog don’t experience of finicky eat so give them lower quality diet. Feed you mature dog twice time in a day the quality food. Give exercise but normal so they not get access amount of calories and safe from health issue.

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