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Loyal Bullmastiff Dog Breed Information

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Powerful bullmastiff dog are okay for an apartment life if sufficient exercise is provide. Dog cannot tolerate with extreme temperature. Intelligent and powerful big size bullmastiffs are successful in tracking, guarding, and communication.
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In the mid 1800 bullmastiff dog was originate from Britain. Due to their well size, speed and strange dog were use as gamekeepers. In 19th century large size bullmastiff dog know as night dog. Bullmastiff dog skin color considers effective during night. The English kennel club accepts the breed of dog in 1924, while standard breed of dog was approved in 1935.

Life Expectancy:

According to UK survey the average life of bullmastiff is 7 to 8 years.


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The strong and powerful bullmastiff dog has a large bull skill with wrinkled while muzzle of dog is deep broad and dark in color. The bullmastiff breed of dog forehead is flat. The large nostrils are in black nose.

Dog medium eyes are dark, v-shaped ears are high and as wide that close to cheek. The strong tail come in two shapes straight and curved. A bullmastiff dog coat come in fawn, brindle and red color with black marking on head. The fawn range may be light brown to reddish.

Height & Weight:

Male 25-27 inch female 24-26 inch
Male 110-130 pounds female 100-120 pounds


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Amenable and obedient bullmastiff is attentive guard dog. It don’t like attack but if catch prowler hold him and knock him. Intelligent, loyal and clam nature dog is tolerant of children. When going outdoor dog allow the human to enter first because dog think leader should be at first. Bullmastiffs are sensitive and crave people talk with them politely not harshness. As a pet it will appear conscious and aggressive with other dog if owner not learn how to communicate properly.


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Bullmastiffs are natural breed of home guardian. High training is need to your dog to make it socialize. You should give special approach to your bullmastiff but not repeat again and again it makes the dog aggressive. In dog training include trailing, alertness, transshipment, and obedience. Socialize your dog in early age with other dogs and people it depend on your communication how much do with bullmastiff.


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The bullmastiff dog growing level is at the age of three and a half years of age. These dog prone elbow dysplasia and hip, bloat, cancer, lymphoma and mast cell tumours. In genetic problem include long hair and Dudleys that occur due to lack of pigment in the mask.


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Rough coat of dog is easy to clean with comb and brush.  Use shampoo on occasionally base. Check the feet of dog on regular base and trim the nails. Little shade the Bullmastiff Dog.
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