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Lop-Ear Coupari Cat as Pet – Basic Information


Longhair fold, Highland fold or scot fold is other name of Coupari cat is a vision of Scottish fold cats. It’s a domestic cat have amazing facts and appearance that make its good pet. Coupari cat is prettiest and affectionate cats become amazing pet for families and kids. British breeders give Coupari cat   just like longhair and highland fold.



Coupari cat is originated from Scotland firstly traced in village of Coupar Angus when a white barn cats discovered in 1961. Susie is unique cats have unusual ears which passed in her offspring as some cat have short-hair and other long hair. In 1986 Coupari cat firstly recognized as separate breed by the international cat association.

Life Span:


Coupari cat is average12-15 year in captivity.



It medium side cat has larger round eyes, fully cheeks and short nose. Coupari cat as pet have folded ears bend forward in downside front of their head. Coupari cat as pet have single and soft coat comes in verity of colors and patterns. Typically Coupari cat as pet are reaching to 4-6 kg weight in mature life.



Coupari cat is wonderful pet as its affectionate, docile and gentle cats highly socialized with family and kids. They also have placid natures that allow it easily adjust with other pet animals. Coupari cat are playful, intelligent and active cats love to play games. They do not like to live alone that may tend to depressed or stubborn. Coupari cat need attention and highly interaction toward humans. It’s best cat for household. They make sweet voices to interact with family members and gaining their attention.



Coupari cat is domestic cat easily adjust in homes either small or larger. They mostly love to live outside or feel happy while playing outdoor games. They need proper housing and feeing. These are intelligent cats walk on leash   or also play fetch so provide toys, games and other thing to keep it active.



Coupari cat is long hair cats so it needs proper grooming. Groom cat coat thrice in a week but it better to groom it every day. De tangling its hairs to keep it coat in good conditions. Regular teeth brushing and removing excess wax from hair with help of wet cloth is also necessary to keep it away for health issues.



Regular vaccination and check-ups from related vet twice in a year is good for their health. Coupari cat are prone to cardiomyopthay, kidney diseases and joint disorder health issues. Some joint issue is curable but not all. Kidney diseases are major health concern that may leads to kidney failure.

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