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Larger Tarantulas Pet-Quite and Great Runner


Tarantulas are terrific pet become popular pet last few decades. They are quite, gentle and active pets yet little difficult due to their dangerous nature. Tarantulas is Arachnida class members   that belongs to Theraphosidae family native in North America,  Africa, Australia, southern Asia, Europe and American countries. It finds every country yet origin from South America. Tarantulas are quite docile pet need little space for habitation and also not make noise that why it favorite one among pet lovers.

Best tarantulas species as pet

Brachypelma albopilosum

Euathlus spider red

Eupalaestrus Campestratus

Grammostola Pulchra

Brachypelma Smithi

Grammostola Pulchripes

Grammostola Rosea

Euathlus Parvulus

Chromatapelma cyaneopubescens



Tarantulas comprises on two basic body parts prosoma and opisthosoma which connected with pedicel that look as waist-like connecting. Tarantulas are very in size according to species. They found in finger nail to larger dinner plated size. They normally size from 2.2-10cm with 8-30cm legs spans. They weighted between 3 oz and also vary in color according to their types yet most tarantulas are in brown colors.


Tarantulas are quite and gentle pets yet there is some danger for breeding tarantula spider in home. Tarantulas are active and incredible runner and climber they can escapes it they found open lids. Their bite is painful for you need more attention while handling pets. Tarantulas are not social as it wild species love to live alone and hiding themselves.



Tarantulas need less space for habitation so choose taller size enclosure made glass or acrylic material that gives transparent view of your pet while you want to spend some time with them. Put appropriate size substrate and hiding places as they feel happy in hiding their selves. Each tarantula need individual cage as they are not very social pets. Be careful for selecting cage as it larger in size that spider moved their legs easily. Take 3 time greater cage from it leg span.

Larger size tank is not better form them as it have lot of space and it feel difficulty in preying insects. They are heavier in size and too long cage may fall when they try to climb up. Avoid keeping wood chips like cedar in their cages.



Tarantulas are carnivores that why crickets, insects and food supplements are fine food for them. They need little food just once in a week when they become adults but younger spiders need much time food in a week to grow up faster. You can occasionally feed meal worms and super worms to makes you v happier.



Tarantulas are venomous yet some are quite but its bettor to be careful while handling tarantulas. They can bite you that may painful for you. Their bites are so much painful and causes to irritation, itching. Tarantulas are bigger danger for owner as they run faster and escapes. Fast running or jump may cause of bigger injuries as they are heavier in weight event they dies with a sound of broken mirror.

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