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How to Keep Jenday Conures as Pet




Jenday conures is a small sized Neotropical parrot species. They can also known as jandaya parakeets. It can native from northeastern Brazil. They can habitat in wooded area. They can naturally playful and affectionate. People can inspire their beauty and their gentle behavior and keep as pet.

Life span:



Jenday conures average life span is above 30 years.

Common names:

Jenday conures is also having some common name which they can know in whole world.

  • Jandaya conure
  • Jandaya parakeet
  • Yellow-headed conure

Physical appearance:


As their appearance jenday conures is small medium sized brighten parrot. It can also display as rainbow colors. Their head shoulder and neck are in yellow colored. Their back is green colored with blue accent feathers. Their chest and bellies is in yellow with orange and red color blending. Their cheeks are also in orange colored. As their look jenday conures are beautiful.  Their body size beak to tail is 12 inches. Their body weight is also 125 to 140 gram.

Personality traits:


Jenday conures is intelligent and playful parrot. They can like spend most of time with their owner. As their beauty and their sweet personality people like it and keep as pet. They can easily learn tricks and play with their owner. When you can own as pet then spend most of their time with their pet parrot.  They are loud part. They learn common house hold noise very well. They can repeat telephone microwave and many other house hold noises in home setting.



Jenday conures are active as sun conures. So they need plenty of exercise and proper space to fly. When you can own as pet then you should spare maximum two hour per day for their exercise. It can more beneficial for their good health. Take out their cage and provide proper space of their exercise like flying jumping and playing.





Jenday conures are like to feed fruits, barriers snake’s nuts and seeds. But as pet you should provide nutritional pallet diet. As supplemented diet you should also give fresh fruits, vegetables seeds and nuts.



Jenday conures are like to wooded habitat in wild. So when you can keep as pet then provide proper wooded aviary housing. Their living cage size is large as decorated with swing sitting branch plenty of toys food and water dishes and many other needy items.

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