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How Interesting To Keep Possum as Pet


Most of us considered possum ugly and pesky animal for you, as well as animals and plants. Possum are harmful and destructive animal destroy plants and birds eggs in your garden. Mostly people are unknown about how interesting to keep a possum as pet. They always worried to stay them away for their houses and homes. Possum are quite lovely and enthralling pets helpful to have in home. Possum assumes as highly committed creature improve the quality of life of disable persons. Its best how mentally disturbed and task stress.



Possum are Australian, Sulawesi, New Guinea native possums are in smaller to medium sizes find in highly vegetation areas with less risk of predators. New Zealand is best place for these species as it’s both qualities. In 1837 Australian brush tailed possum introduced in New Zealand by European settlers to establish fur trade. China is also native land of possum. Possum name is originally derived for word “apasum”, meaning white face. There is no clear history of possum as there are mythological stories of possum survival.



Possum are smaller to medium size creature have different weight according to its species. Possum has thicker, longer and bushy tail with a pointed suout. It also has fox-like tapering ears. Possum are average 3 feet long with a weight of 6-20lbs when they reach at the age of maturity. White to Grey face possum have cream-tan, tan-dark brown or grey- black color bodies from neck to rump. Conical shaped head, pointy muzzle, tipped pink nose and round black eyes are attractive features of possum. Possum have 50 teeth used for crushing and grinding foods. Possum have five fingers in front feet in pink color with white or clear nails. Possum are not have nail just have nail thumbnail outline. They use their nails to climbing and grasping.



Possum are expensive to keep in captivity as they need lot of food and care. Possums live anywhere that suitable shelter, verity o food in rich quantity. Possum are just like housecat sleep all the day because they are nocturnal animal come out in dark and rest in day they just seem out when food in scarce. They travel long distance in nights. They have wild behavior seem social with other pet yet they feels aggressive they someone try to harm it. They are not social with same family members except mating period. They are stronger walker not good runner and jumper. They used their tails for balancing and grasping not for hanging. They are quite good swimmer.

Wildlife Rehabilitation:


It illegal to keep possum as pet in united state and other areas they have some serious issues toward it captivity. If you desire to keep possum in captivity legally you must have legal permission and permit form local wildlife authority. Wildlife rehabilitation department give some training, basic knowledge about possum. You have proper knowledge, experience, finance and times then you are able to adopt a possum as pet. If you scarify your night sleeping then possum is as good for you.



Possum are omnivorous love to eat verity of wild food like fruits, vegetables, plants, grasses. In captivity garden pests like insects and snails is also it favorite foods along with plants and vegetables. Cat and dog commercial food also best for possums. It’s difficult to maintain they diet as there is less variety in captivity. Balance calcium-phosphorus and nutrients levels in your Pet possums. Poor and low quality diet may affect their health such as metabolic disease. They come out at night in search of food

Life span:


Possum’s life expectancy level is too short, normally three years or less in wild live but in captivity they survive for five-six years in good captivity under qualified and experienced keeper.

Health Issues:


Numerous parasites can damage health of possums they may causes to death. Urinary tract infections and genital problems are seems in female possums. In captivity they may face poor immune system due to lose coordination and Bacterial illness.

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