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Interesting Information about Kooikerhondje Dog as Pet

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Kooikerhondje is very active, intelligent and affectionate dog has strong willing of pleasing their owner. Average socialization seems in Kooikerhondje dog but they show friendly attitude for whom he know well.

They proved amazing family pet even that that shed.  Here is an interesting fact for Kooikerhondje dog love makes you speechless.  Search Jan Steen’s painting. You can find Kooikerhondje dog in each and every painting.



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In sixteenth Century tolling breed developed I Netherland that known as Kooikerhondje. Kooikerhondje worked for luring and driving ducks in to cages, kooien, where hunter, Kookier, easily catch them that why then named as Kooikerhondje dog.  During World War II Kooikerhondje   are going to become totally extinct but Baroness Van Hardenbroek struggles to keep them alive.

Raad Van Beheer worked of v reorganization that became possible in 1971 when The Dutch Kennel Club accepted it. 2013 is the year when The Kennel club announced Kooikerhondje reclassification and finally it recognized in 2014.

Other name:

•    Kookier dog
•    Nederlandse kooikerhondje
•    Small Dutch waterfowl dog

Life span:

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Average life-expectancy of Kooikerhondje is 12-14 years.

Litter size:

About 5-7 puppies:

Physical description:

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Small size, spaniel-like Kooikerhondje sporty dog reach to 14-16 inches height with average 9-18 kg weight at adult age, they are active dog come in one color with one marking. Their unique coat causes to draw attentions, thicker and medium length  coat  has straighter hair yet it also come in slight waves,

white color coat look appeals with bright orange to deep chestnut red marking, longer ear has white tip while tail is in pure white.  Red ears with black tip is known as earring, fiscal expression are quite alter and gentle. Female dog are smaller in height than males.

Personality behaviors:

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Kooikerhondje is playful and active dog has packed personality. They are friendly, cheerful, obedient and affectionate behavior makes him favorite amount cheerful personalities. Sturdy nature Kooikerhondje dog show vigilant nature toward strangers and other dogs.

They need time to mix up nicely. In other word you can say that are too much social but stilly they have friendly nature. With active socialization you can other come cautious problems. Stronger character and intelligence make is best dog in trainer eyes.

They need pack leadership from childhood. Keep them closer to children at puppy age to make them familiar with children. Firm training in polite attitude work best, start household training when they are five-eight week old.  Playing and swimming Kooikerhondje favorites.

Living condition:

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Apartment life is okay for Kooikerhondje dog with moderate exercise. They are active family dog if family members are active.  Walk on leach with proper lead work best in such situations. They are crazy for exploring new thing and when they got successes in getting amazing thing they totally neglect others even their owners so  it good to train time puppyhood about Obedience for proper control,


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Kooikerhondje is generally healthier dog yet they still face hereditary diseases such as bleeding disorder (similar to hemophilia), eye problems (Cataracts), Patella luxation that also knee disordering and spinal diseases.

Hereditary Necrotising Myelopathy (ENM), kidney disorder and Polymyositis are other diseases commonly found in Kooikerhondje dogs.  Take of your dog as they gain weight quickly. Chubby dog welcome more diseases.


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Kooikerhondje has low maintenance coat. They do not need more grooming even they shed a lot. Their first shedding starts when they step in adult stage. Regularly groom their coat to low shedding. Brush coat twice in a week.


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Kooikerhondje is sporty and hunting breed it needs regular exercise to stay active. Exercise and proper play time is good for mental and physical healthy. Outdoor visiting and playing activities cause to lower down anxiety problems.

Let it play in backyard secured with fencing because open area is not safe for Kooikerhondje especially when they are in running mood. I keep them busy is required for alter and active mind. Exercise also burn extra calories which doesn’t let it make flabby.

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