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Intelligent Somali Fox Coat Breed Information


Pet Somali cat look like wild fox with hair coat. Bushy tail Somali cat is loveable and intelligent. It will easily adjustable in every home with owner family, coming people and other pet animal. Somali is slow breeding cat that get full size within 18 months. Learnt more about Somali nick name fox cat from below.

Life Span:

9 to 13 years

Weight & Length:


Male Somali cat body weight is 8 to 12 lbs and same in female. Somali cat are long in length with hair cat.



Somali active cat is well known with its bushy tail, pointed ears and big almond eyes. You can call the Somali cat with its nick name “fox cat”. Thick coat of cat lay down between different colors. Somali cat are emerged in medium size 6 to 10 pounds. Fur on Somali is soft fluffy and wooly. The eyes of Somali cat look large that are show intelligence and alertness of cat.

Color Pattern:


Somali cat as usually is in golden brown and black color. Other 28 colors are also founded in Somali cat that are silver, brown, blue, Lilac, cream, red, chocolate and so on. Red, fawn, blue, and ruddy are standard color in Somali cat. Soft color and lighter color are come inside legs, under the neck.


Somali is playful, active, love and affection cat that like to live with her parent. It makes great love with owner and other animal. Somali cat also enjoy toys with quiet and soft voice. This cat get big jump during the 24 hours play. Somali cat are adoptable and best fit in any home. You can train the Somali cat like walking, and fetching. Somali cat with her cute personality give huge attention on everything.



The common health problems that are also fall down in other cat are tooth decay, gingivitis. Somali cat get feline infection anemia (FIA) and immune mediated hemolytic anemia (AIHA). If you’re pet Somali cat will show the anemia sign quickly concern with vet.

  • Hyperesthesia syndrome is a problem that also effect on Somali cat health in which cat loose hair.
  • Renal amyloidosis disease that also occurs in Somali due to a type of protein will exceed in body organ and then cat loose kidney.



With fluffy coat Somali cat need best care. Comb the hair and make teeth brush on cat teeth. You can pick up the stainless steel comb for removing the dead hair from cat body. Weekly brushing is batter and gives daily bath in summer days. Clean the cat ear with cotton ball or damp cloth in cider vinegar for cleanliness purpose.


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Provide quality food to pet Somali for its best health. Somali cat get 80 kcals per kilo body weight so no need of special diet. Always serve the mix food that is cooked or raw. Keep care the food is chopped and free from exceed amount of vitamin A. some cat get allergies problem and some discharge from their eyes due to tinned fish food. Somali cat love with cheese that also give them calcium.


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