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Intelligent Finnish Lapphund Dog Fact, Information, Picture


The Finnish Lapphund dogs were the helper dog of tribe of northern region of Finland, Sweden, and Russia. Around 1940 this breed began to grow. Dogs belong to Sami people were collected with establishing breed program.

Other Name:


Physical Appearance:

The Finnish Lapphund is a medium sized breed of dog. The dog traditionally has been used for herding reindeer purpose. These are intelligent, alert, and friendly and agree to learn. Finnish Lapphund dog strongly double coated never intended as guardian. The dog has prick ears, wedge shape head, waving tail that curl over on his back. Smart and excellent god best suited for family companion and watch dog.

Coat Color:

Most common color in loving, cheerful finish Lapphund dogs are black, brown, blue, brown, fawn, white, red and gray.

Life Span:

12 to 14 years

Weight & Height:

Male and female weight: 15-24 kg
Male height: 46-52 cm, female: 41-47 cm

Behavior Traits:

The Finnish Lapphund dog habit is barking if you don’t care, he can learn moderate barking instead of watch dog and family companion. Barking can control with consistent training. Naturally this breed of dog is not quiet. Usually dog live quiet good with owner family and children. The Finnish Lapphund also knows as playful, affection, energetic around the kids. Dog is multi talented and participate in different activities.

Activity Requirements:

Finnish Lapphund dogs are active and ready to be part of outdoor action. These are for outdoor work around cattle, reindeer, and horses. Dogs are well for live in cold climate. Outdoor walk enjoy the dog due to high stamina and strength. People who enjoy hiking, backpacking and mountain biking can attain Finnish Lapphund dog. Lots of exercise need to these dogs.


This breed of dogs need healthy dose of mental stimulation. You should first analyze the situation that how handle the dog once buy. Finnish Lapphund breed of dog are easy to train and enjoy its finely tuned skill to learn. These dogs give best response, you can use praise when something wrong rather than punish.

Quick Fact about Finnish Lapphund:

Easy Train:

Due to high talented ability in this breed of dog you can easily train and give learn command.

High Maintenance:

Grooming should be performed to keep the double coat of dog clean. With soft hair of dog not need of trimming.

Very Active:

Give daily exercise to your dog to keep it healthy.

Good for Kids:

Sweet, playful, dog best suited for kids.

Watchdog Ability:

Dog high bark and alert the owner in critical situation

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