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Intelligent Canis Panther Pet Dog Images & Information


Basic Information:


Canis panther is powerful and well muscles dog people want to enjoy as pet for home protection the dog obtain by cross breeding of American Staffordshire bull terrier, Doberman pinscher, and black Labrador retriever. Pet dog is well known by its wide chest and jaw, cropped ears, docked tail and short hair. Numbers of body colors are found in which include blue gray, fawn, black and chocolate.

Life Span:

The Canis panther pet dog can enjoy their life 10 to 11 years.

Body Weight:

Male 120 to 140 pounds
Female 85 to 105 pounds

Body Height:

Male 27 to 30 inches
Female 24 to 27 inches



Sensitive but loving behaviors of dog allow it to make love behave with owner family and other pet animal. The Canis panther consider suspicious and don’t like to go with same sex but get well breed. Loyal nature of dog batter follows the instruction of owner. Extremely playful dog enjoy Kids Company.



Long time exercise not need but you should walk your pet Canis panther on regularly base. You can make your pet dog obedience and it can understand easily due to loyal behave. Walk your dog around the fence area. Short coat of dog cannot bear chill temperature so keep them indoor during winter days.



Train the pet Canis panther much easy with its high intelligent level ability. When you train your dog wear it leash in its neck. During puppy days best socialization training can give the dog.



No special treatment need in regard of grooming of Canis panther dog as pet. With its shorter hair you can easily give bath in summer.



Proper and healthy diet need to your pet guardian dog. You can divide the quality food in two equal quantities.

Interesting Fact:


•    For living the dog indoor space will be ideal but for exercise need long space to run.
•    This rare and powerful dog breed was developed three American people in 1970.
•    Dogs as naturally protector bark in loud voice in certain situation.

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