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About Intelligent Australian King Parrot as Pet

Australian king parrot are desirable parrot due to their quiet calm personality and colorful appearance. These are quite different from other species. You should keep care these parrot require more space to in cage to accommodate with different activities and long tail. Learn more about king parrot scroll down the page.

Life span:

Australian king parrot has 25 year life.



Australian king parrot are 43 cm in length. The male parrot has red head, breast with blue band on back of the neck that lay down between above red and green back. The wings of parrot are in green color that ends with pale green shoulder. While female are very different as compare to male parrot. Both sex of Australian parrot have brown iris and yellow beak. In king parrot other species are in bright green head red wings that end with black tail.



Hand reared Australian king parrot are entertaining bird with bright color and cheerful behavior. These parrot become stress when you moved their surrounding so more care need to these. Like other parrot king are talkative birds. In these king parrot mimicking ability is found and mostly like to learn the talk. Proper guidance and training will help you to keep the companion pet bird.



These kings parrot feed fruits and seed that get from trees and ground. Most king parrot enjoy their king with commercial food in which fruit, vegetable, such as corn, banana, mango, carrot, spinach, and green leafs are add. Nut treats are favorite of king parrot.



Australian king parrot are large in size so plenty of room need to them. These parrot like to swing, climb like activities. Arrange baby toys with optimum environment to these parrots. Allow these king parrot to enjoy 3 t o4 hours out of cage. Australian king parrot are so intelligent bird and don’t want human attention.



Australian king parrot lay down 3 to 6 eggs in each clutch that incubates about 20 days while male remain nearby. The clicks fledge after 5 weeks after then remain with parents until come at maturity age. The perfect coloration on their body comes after 3 years. After 3 years these hatches become able for breeding. The best breeding result when you provide all vitamins and minerals that needed for their good health.

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