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Ibizan Hound Fast Runner Dog Life Information

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Ibizan breed of dog first originate from island of Eivissa and traditionally used in Catalan area of Spain. As Ibizan hound is fast runner dog people used for rabbit hunt. In the last 20 years these are also seen in sports where 5 to 15 dogs run in chase of one rabbit.  The Ibizan hound is considering well for hunting due to fast smell, hearing and sight sense. The American kennel club finally recognized the Ibizan hound dog in 1979.

Life Span:

Ibizan hound sensitive dogs can lie between 12 to 14 years.
Other Name:
•    Ibizan warren hound
•    Podenco ibicenco


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The Ibizan hound dog can easily recognize with upright ear that are hall mark of the dog. The dog neck is clean and long, laid back shoulder, eyes are small, long and deep chest, Ibizan dog coat is in red and white color with nose, eye rims, ears and pads of feet are in tan color. Standard size of dog is 22 to 29 inches and weight is 20 to 29 kg. Male dog are bigger then female.



Ibizan hound dog is active and intelligent. Generally this breed of dog is quiet but bark when alarm so Ibizan best as watch dog. Active and athletic dog need lots of exercise on daily base. These are able to take jump so tall fence need to built around them. Dog love with owner and follow the household rule and as clean as cats. You can train your Ibizan hound.

Health & Care:

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The Ibizan hound dogs typically suffer from hereditary illness. Minor health concern in which dog prone are allergies and seizures. Owner should test the dog eyes by vet. Keep the dog shine coat in good condition rubber gloves. On occasionally base you can brush the dog coat. Check the ear and keep the dog claws short.


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Ibizan hound dog require long walk at least two to three time in a day. At outdoor space keep care your dog is beside and behind of you never front of you. Give a chance to dog run in speed to make legs in relax mood. This independent hound is very fast and takes high jump. Your dog enjoy running beside your bicycle but don’t allow until it become young puppy.

Living Condition:

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The Ibizan hound say okay for apartment life if sufficient exercise is provide. You can also keep your dog in big size yard with high length fence. Ibizan dogs are selective hearing and run off until feel relax. To provide regular exercise the dog a large fence need.
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