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“Havana Silk Dogs” Havanese as Pet Fact and Information


Life Span:

Average 10 to 15 years is longevities range seems in Havanese digs in captivity.



Havanese is old breed firstly bred of bichon family. Havanese is national dog of Cuba. They also knew as Havana silk dogs. Havanese originated from Cubs. Earlier 1500s Tenerife dogs comes in Cuba with Spanish farmer which later devolved in Havanese dogs with environmental influence. In 18th century Havanese dogs become popular breed among Spanish, British and French pet owners.



Havaneses are smaller size dogs generally adult Havanese has 7-14lb weight and 23-27 cm l in height. They have soft and silky double coat that why they also referred as toy dog. Straight level top line that rises from withers to croup gives unique and prettiest look. Their arm produced springy motions when they walk because they have string rear drive and shorted upper arm. Drop ears, curly tails and full muzzles also look cute. Silky and wavy coat is in all color such as black, silver blue, cream, champagne and gold. They also found in different combinations of tricolor and party-color



Havanese is highly energetic and social pets. Lower tendency to droll, snoring and digging   find in Havanese dogs are intelligent, active, and gentle pets are great companion. They are ideal guardian dogs become favorite pet dog due to this silky and playful coat. Havanese assume affectionate and happy dog. They are good learner love to learning new tricks and games. They spend more time in playing game with their owner. They are shy and do not aggressive.

Living Conditions:


Havanese is highly socialized pet need larger amount of interaction with owner and family member. They also good with other pets and enjoy outside company with them. Havanese dogs are good watchdog but they are no guardian god as they do not bark frequently. They are indoor or outdoor pet live happily in small homes. They are active need proper time and activities to play and making fun.



Havanese   are long hair dogs have highly shedding rate. If you do not want to see hair on mats, floor then brush or comb its coat their or more time with in week. They do not trimming. Regular brushing keeps them away from diseases. You can clip their coat.



Havanese is active dogs do not need too much exercise.   Take them outdoor walk its good for them.

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