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German Pinschers Energetic Alert Dog Information


About German Pinschers Dog:

The German pinschers dog is a medium sized bred that originated in Germany. The breed is rising in number in U.S due to their full acceptance in 2003. Affectionate, playful, responsive, alert, cheerful and intelligent characteristic are of this breed of dog. These are used in wide variety for hunti9ng, guarding, searching, rescue, and tracking purpose.


The wire haired pinschers and German pinschers were show in dog books as early as 1884. These medium size dogs descended from early European herding and guardian breed. The source of German pinschers comes back to 1836 when this breed of dog surpassed in popularity. These were used as guardian and also lived in homesteads. Today you can observe German pinschers for finding rats in open area of home. After than three generation of the same coat were born that allowed to be registered. In 1980 German pinschers dog came in united stat. at that time rare breed of dog was showed and recognized by the united kennel club.


The medium sized dog body weight is between 25-45 pounds and height 17-20 inches. With a short coat its body colors are rust, red, blue, fawn, tan, black, and brown. Dog is elegant with a strong, square and moderate body structure. The German pinschers dog have docked tail, cropped ears. Dog tail docked historically thought that prevent from rabies, strengthen the back, increase the speed, and keep safe when working.

Life Duration:

About 12 to 14 years



A well breed German pinschers dog will be love when add in a family. These are friendly dog and quick learner. These are trusted with small animals, and children. For children must to know how play with dog. German pinschers are very energetic working dog so require several hour of exercise in a day. A large fenced area require for this breed of dog. It will tolerate bath if owner train the German pinschers. The dog not barks unnecessarily.



The German pinschers dog require lost of exercise in a day. You can go on daily long walk where the dog make heel beside or behind of you. These will enjoy running alongside of you when you are ride bicycle, play in a yard or walk around the block.



The strong, silky, and short coat require little grooming. On occasionally bases brush the dog hair and remove the dead hair as need. This breed of dog is an average shedder. And you can enjoy it in apartment life with sufficient exercise.



The German pinschers are not facing any major or minor heath problem. However eyes and hip tests are suggested for dog. Dog suspect for heart issue should be removing from all breeding.

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