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Furry Friendly Main Coon Cat Life style


Furry Friendly Main Coon Cat Life style


Male body weight is lying round about 15 to 25 pounds and female 10 to 15.

How much life can enjoy:


10 years

What type of Nature has?


Grooming need

Good behave with other pets

Friendly with owner




Playing activity

How Look Maine Coon Cat:


Maine coat breed of cat have rectangular body with silky fur, broad chest. It develops in to silver, black, orange, cream, buff, white, red, and in other multi color. Main coon cat has large round eyes with green, golden, copper shade. Paws are round with large size ear. These cats cannot grow their body more long.

Best suited diet for cat:


As compare to Mainecoon cat body they need quality diet. High level of protein should include in their feeding. You should provide the wet kind of food after mixing with dry one. Don’t give them grain like food because this breed of cat doesn’t like to eat it. The best suited diet for Mainecoon cat is meat in steel bowl. Plastic bowl can create allergic like problem for cat.

Maine Coon Behave With Children:


Maine coon cats personality wise patient, forgiving, and gentle. More sensitive cat makes best adjustment with your kids. New born baby with Maine coon cat is not great deal both can sleep together. Children and cat make great friendship with happy mood. You should first give training to your cat and tell the children how they can make deal with pet cat.

Keep Care Of Maine Coon Cat:


Maine coon loves with water as they spend more time in swimming so provide them clean and fresh water. Daily exercise with great care you should provide to your pet main coon. Brush their teeth and hair when they eat fruit and take swimming. These cats like to play with family member or toys. If you don’t give complete care to Maine coon cat these become over weight that harmful for their life.

Health Problem Face cat:


Maine coon cat face health problem like:

Polycystic kidney diseases that result in renal failure

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy heart disease

Spinal muscular atrophy

Hip dysplasia

Grooming Of Maine Coon Cat:


When you think about cat grooming the first thing comes in mind their bathing. You can not apply the direct shampoo on cat hair put the shampoo in tub and climb up the cat in the water. Rub the shampoo on cat fur and then put them under water. After then make brush on cat fur. Brush the teeth at least of the week. Cut their claw after then these can easily run and feel active.


Maine coon cat make best pet with friendly behave and furry skin. You can pick up easily and lots of enjoy with it.

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