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Ferrets as Active and Intelligent Pet



Ferrets are domesticated mammal that can belong to weasel genus. Ferrets are friendly and comical pet. They are demanding and loving animal which based people keep as pet. It is the perfect pet you can easily keep in their home pert.

Life span;

Their approximately life span is 7 to 10 years.

Physical characteristics;


Ferrets are small sized cute animal. Their body size is 13 inches which having 5 Inch tail. Their body weight is 0.7 to 2 kg. Male ferrets are larger as compare to female. Their body color is black, brown and white colored fur. They can also having round face shaped which round eyes and tiny ears or nose. They can also having scissors teeth that is some time dangerous. This cute animal is more attractive for ferrets lovers so, they keep as pet.



Forests are domesticated highly intelligent pet. They are social animal. We recommended you can keep as pairing pet. They like playing. When you keep as pet then provide playing toys. They can also sleep 14 to 18 hours per day. So, take care of their resting.



Ferrets love raw meet so, you should choose high quality raw meet on daily basis. They can also eat high quality dry food. Fresh water can also provide. Their food and water every time placed on their food pots. Fruits and vegetable is not suitable. So, you should avoid fruits, vegetable and sweet food because it can cause of their aggressive behavior.



When you keep ferret as pet then take care of their proper housing. They can live in a cage. You should provide comfy living in this cage. In their cage put a wooden hut for sleeping which having towel like bedding. You should also provide litter box for nesting. In their cage food and water dishes also placed within sophisticated manner. You should keep clean their pet cage on daily basis for save any infection.



They are active animal they can need proper excise on daily basis. When you keep as pet then proper take care of their walking. They need put out their cage for their good health. You should also provide plenty of toys for playing.

Health and care;


 Ferrets are active animal so; take care of their health in cage. They can need vaccination and proper veterinary check up on regular basis. They can fell in heartworms and fleas. So, provide preventive treatment for their good health.

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