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Fact About Zebra as a Pet


Would a zebra make good pet or not is critical nature question. But now here we bring best explanation about life of zebra that clearly answer in “yes”. Zebra as pet animal are closely related to other pet animals. There interesting black and white color skin strip make them unique from other pet. If you want to become the owner of zebra as want to live as pet than more to west Wisconsin or Virginia. These states have little restriction to buy zebra and enjoy as per animal.



Zebra has great personality you can live them with the dairy cattle. They become crazy and can bite to others when you went to milk of cows, buffalo. Zebra make barking sounds that hear very sweetly. Zebra make best communication with their great sound and facial expression to you.

Body size:


There body size is 4 to 5 feet. Male zebra have large body size as compare to female.



Zebra have eco friendly behavior, due to this fact they like to live in group form. Plain zebra are live in harems and their young’s make a group for short time period. Wonderful and interesting fact about zebra is that they sleep in standing up mood. In their group they sleep only easily without any fair from danger. With their bark sound zebra are alert to their group and owner when any harsh condition rises up.



Zebra are herbivores pet animal. As food supplement you can give them alfalfa and carrot. If you has garden in your home than allow their zebra to eat grass.

Health and care:


Zebra can die in too cool climate condition so you must keep them in inside place. Zebra may fall in these Diseases like tetanus and rabies. So you must vaccinate them one time in a year. They need highly warm place in winter season for living.



When zebra become angry it threat on you with their hard hooves and teeth. You must need 4 people that protect you from zebra threat when you become prove of their anger.



As well as you known zebra has large body side, so you need wide space to enjoy as pet. Around their house create fence. Maximum 8 feet high fence make safely criteria for zebra house. Check the fence on regularly base is it needs rearing or not.



Zebra take sexual maturity period 2 to 4 years. New born has 32 kilogram body weight and can run within one day. Strip printed skin zebra when born the baby they can make movement 20 minutes.

I assure all above information more help you to enjoy zebra as pet. Interesting and wonderful facts about zebra give you best information to read out you children.

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