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Fact and Information about Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw is another breed of parrot. Macaw have large body size as compare to other parrot at least 100 cm. mostly hyacinth macaw founded in South America. These species of parrot are counted in largest flying bird. You can enjoy hyacinth as a pet but train in their small age after then these can hurt you with beak. Due to their lovely personality people more like to keep Hyacinth Macaw as a pet bird. Here you can learn more about macaw breeds of parrot.



Hyacinth macaw has blue body with black beak and yellow streaks. In length size they can gown 40 inches with their blue feathers.



Hyacinth macaw likes to eat fruit, leaves, nuts, seeds, flower, and snail, vegetable and even insect. With their strong beaks macaw can eat hard nut and seeds easily.



Female macaw laid one to eggs and then takes 29 days for hatching the eggs. After then baby macaw born become independent after 6 month. Despite of long size features these macaws are extremely gentle.



If you want to live macaw as pet you should confirm about that they produce loud sound. These are less dangerous and live in cage. Macaw cannot talk much but can teach their favorite few words, and avoid repeating the word again and again.

Health and Care:


Hyacinth macaw needs special diet and care. Personas who become the first owner of macaw bird know complete about their life. Macaw diet is full of fat, food like nuts are really best for their diet. You should also provide them wood toys and swings. Diet catering is need for keeping the macaw healthy.


You should provide them large space for living. Large custom cage is needed for macaw to live independently. You can put the hyacinth macaw cage in full room, patio, or bird proofed area.

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