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The Finnish spitz dog derived from spitz breed of dog that was inhabited in central Russia several years ago. The small clans of men use the dog for several purpose like for food obtain, and hunting. In 1880 with technology advancement people together finished spitz with other dog.

A Finnish sportsman relate to Helsinki observed a pure native dog finished spitz. He realized the virtues of dog and plan to select dog to try revive the breed. After thirty year of breeding result found in modern Finnish spitz dog that kennel club accepted in 1996.

Other Name:

Finsk spets
Finnish hunting dog
Suomalainen pystykorva
Loulou finois

Life Span:

The Finnish spitz breed of dog life span is about 11.2 years.

Height & Weight:

Male 17 ½ to 20 inch female 15 ½ to 18 inch
Male 12 to 14 kg female 7.3 to 10.0 kg


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The Finnish spitz breed of dog has square shape body. Female are little longer as compare to male from back. Front claws of dog are appearing if back appear can remove depend on your desire.  Typically double and soft coat consist in Finnish spitz dog.

The outer coat cannot exceed from 2.5 while inner one to two inches. The dog coat is longer, heavy, and hard on the neck, nook of the tail and back of thighs. You will short coat on legs and head. Tail of dog is not too long but can easily move from one side to other.



Puppies of Finnish spitz dog are look like red fox. These are in black, fawn, and in dark grey colors. Color of the puppies will change as they grown with passage of time. The adult color is golden red. Fluffy coat look dark and gradually light from the neck. Dog nose, lips and rims of eyes are always in black.

Heath and Care:

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Dog lose its undercoat twice a year so proper care should be need to Finnish spitz. Owner brush the under coat that outer can grown easily without any unkempt.

Under coat of dog can create skin problem. For this breed of dog you can use brush for cleaning it but don’t trimming. However excessive undercoat can be removed. Naturally Finnish spitz is a healthy breed of dog that some time can prone following health disorder that are list down;
•    Elbow dysplasia
•    Hip dysplasia
•    Patellar luxation
•    Epilepsy


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Finnish spitz breed of dog is alert, active and lively. One or two long walk need to dog and live inactive at indoor situation. Need to provide good exercise and owner play games with dog. It effected for children and people because it always ready to play with toddler.

Finnish spitz set with other dog but unbelievable with other small animal. Dog give response to soft voice a compare to harsh. You can train easily with light touch. It’s a calm, patience and fine companion.
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