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English bulldog Puppy Life Information


English bulldog puppies are likely to live indoor with family. These are well known with their skin fold face appearance. When you are going to walk make partner the puppy is good choice. These puppies require lots of care and attention. Learn more about from below.

Appearance & Size:


The first interesting thing about appearance of bull dog puppy is their face. English bulldog puppies have massive broad head with big round eyes. The short muzzle and saggy skin of bulldog puppy always keep in droop down movement. You will impress short size but powerful body of puppy. These also have wide muscular shoulder and thick strong limbs. The upper coat of bulldog puppy is short and smooth with variety of colors. Mostly yellow, red, white, brindle shades are found in English bulldog puppy.

Weight & Length:


English bulldog puppy can stand and show 12 to 15 inches tall body from shoulder. These puppies have up to 55 pounds body weight.

Temperament & Characteristic:


English bulldog puppies are friendly, playful, patient and cuddly. These are considering one of the best dog puppies for children. Before the English bulldog puppy come near to your children learn how they should treat with the puppy. Puppy love to chew and are known to stubborn at time.



You can give variety of food to your puppy three times in a day. Try to provide high quality and balance diet to puppy health. Add meat, vegetable and grain in their food. If your puppy makes intolerance to one or more time you will need to check up the vet. Avoid such food that makes a puppy sick or ill. Toxic food for dog include,




Onion, garlic


All time give fresh water all time your English bulldog puppy. Keep care water bowls is clean and quite.

Health & Care:


If your bulldog puppy have diarrhea then stop all food for 12 hours, connect your vet to prevent dehydration. Heartworm is a common disease in dog that occurs due to mosquito. Yearly base make the blood taste of your pet puppy. When your puppy get 6 month age check up the vet that make sure puppy free from eyes, heart, lungs problem. Check the dog ear should be free from dirt, debris. Following condition of god ear is abnormal,

Shaking the head

Scratching the ear or paw

Clean the ear with hydrogen peroxide or half white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. At least three times in weekly bases use teeth brush on puppy. As English bulldog puppy skin is fold from face then regularly check needed. Take bath the puppy and then dry properly. Give lots of attention and training daily.

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