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Detail Information of Pet Fox

Foxes rose as pet animal is not as long as dog and cat. But some species of fox you can enjoy as pet. Control environment patiently you must require for pet fox. You must assure about the fox kinds and types that you want to buy. But difficult takes you need lots of information first out about fox and then you can live them as pet. Here we resolve your problem and give you all face about fox as pet. How you can entertain, take care and properly generate their number learn following.

Pet foxes breeds:

Silver fox (silver for are highly popular as pet animal, genetic difference emerged under silver fox.)

Red fox (red fox are less famous as compare to fennec foxes, as sweet as cat in house sweet red foxes are also make best choice.)

Fennec fox (pet fennec fox are well known due to their most great features like sweet personality, small size, and large ears appearance.)

Arctic fox (with their small size beauty arctic fox make slightly difference to red fox.)

Outdoor house:

For build outdoor fox house you must require 100 feet square pace. Shelter area is best option for preparing the fox house, because in this way in both seasons they can remain safe and protect him from fear weather condition. Add some kid’s toys like fabric toys, balls and sticks for playing activities.


Foxes are as omnivores due to this act meat and vegetable are their favorite foods items. But you must provide them food in high weight pots in this way food not come out of ports.

Health and care:

Wear a strong leather belt in your fox neck, as there are wild and pet animal. They can make injured their neighbor and you. Like other animal foxes have decay tooth so make brushing their teeth weekly. Give vaccines to your pet fox in this way they remain protect and their body can make fight against the disease.


When you buy fox as pet animal the first 6 month are highly important for socialization. If you want to make talk with your pet fox that you require give them training when they was child. Donne enjoy a talk with young fox they can injure you. Dogs have powerful body feature can attack on your fox so always remain be aware when you go outside door with your pet fox.


Fox take nine month pregnancy period to give birth a new baby. Male fox become aggressive nature with female fox during their pregnancy time period and provide them food. Within ten day the baby fox open clearly eyes. Life span of foxes is 14 years.

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