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Desert Jewel- Gypsy Horse as Domestic Pet


Whatever named used to call cob, Irish cob or tinker hours gypsy horse is amazing pets that become popular due to its delightful appearance and gentle behavior. Colored cob and gypsy vanner are other name used for gypsy hours. Here we bring amazing facts and basic information for Gypsy cob lovers with photo as I fine little difficulty to select few photos that justify its beauty and features.



Gypsy horse is elegant and impressive domestic pet origin from Ireland and United Kingdom. Gypsy cobs breed as pet from Stone Age due to meat and milk possibility. These are amazing animals also used for riding. In 16th centuries Gypsy horse migrated in UK on foot toward countryside. Great Britain bred cobs to pull vardoes and tradesman’s cart that they used for travelling.



Gypsy horse is cute and good looking animal founs in solid colors with white splashing those names as blagdon. These heights are ranges between 13 to 16 hands in UK yet Irish wants 16.2 hand heights as perfect look. Feathers on legs that start form hocks and flow down to the feet. Feather may be straight or curled that look gorgeous. They have stronger bodies and muscle that help them to carry weights while powerful hindquarter, strong hooves and tail give them natural look.



Gypsy horse is cute, affectionate and loving family pets love to live in families. They are loyal and faithful to their owner as they do anything for them. They are gentle incredibly easy to handle while have stronger work ethics. Gypsy horse are social best live with other horses. You can train your cob without any difficulties. Gypsy vanner has distinctive look that appeals pet lovers as it suitable breed for kids as well as adults. They are good ride hope you enjoy their riding because then turn their feet for every rider who feel nervous.



Gypsy horse is herbivores love to eat grains, grasses and kitchen stuffs such as peel, fruits skins and vegetables leaves.   Provided balance diet to tour cob as they   always found active.

Health and care


Gypsy horse heath and grooming is also your responsibility as it necessary for well being of vanner. They need proper attention and time from heir owner. They respond to your attentions and established stronger relation between owner and cob horse. Ride 2-3 times in a week that good for him and you always enjoy its ride. Take care of your pet food, training, riding and grooming.

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