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Cool Diy Pet Trailer Design Ideas

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Pet trailer or campers are made for pet environmental, friendly nature. Different material used in designing of these like wood, metal and some time old material recycle like  plastic, plywood and aluminum.  If you are pet lover you can easily solve outdoor pet trailer idea. When you go outside and also entertain your pet you must need trailer that make your work easy. You can save you pet from any outdoor injury and don’t lose them. See below and enjoy different style pet trailer.

Pet Bicycle Trailer:

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Aluminum pet bicycle trailer help you to enjoy outdoor environment with your pet. Medium size dog breed that has 50 pounds weight can easily enjoy the seating on cycle. Front door and waterproof bag lifted in bicycle. Sunroof gives amazing comfort and relaxes when you are strolling. A tight leash is stitch with seat that controls your pet to make jump at any movement.

Cool Dog House:

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Unique cool dog trailer is making with wood material. Perfect style door help to pet come out off trailer for eating food and enjoy natural beauty. Two tire are lifted with back while front has small pole that bear the trailer weight. Steel glasses are filling with pet dog favorite food that need for it best health and growth. Sloop roof slip the rain water easily.

Yellow And White Dog Trailer:

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Yellow and white color paint trailer give exporter design look. Drum style dog camp design according to dog body size, it can easily go and come out from the trailer. Soft fabric lives inside the dog house that give him comfort space to sleep and relax. Your pet dog will safe at outdoor space in bed weather condition. You can easily change the direction of pet god camp with back tire and front v-shape handle.

Diy Dog Bicycle Trailer:

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Bike tire are used in diy dog trailer. Big size plastic container is used that life on steel stand. You can ride the trailer on grass land easily with front long handle. Fabric or blanket you can drop inside the trailer that give relax seating to your pet. When you ride the trailer, you must wear belt to your pet and band with center moving rope. You dog cannot make any movement and will remain safe.

Bicycle Wicker Basket:

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For small pet bicycle wicker basket trailer is so easy and fun idea. It attaches with handle and has inside as enough space that your pet can easily set in it. When you are in travel your pet dog every movement remain in front of your eyes. Pet inspire with outdoor environment and get something new that batter for it good health. Wicker basket is durable material.

Recycle An Airline Kennel On Wheel:


Pet owner that has already a plastic airline kennel recycle for pet trailer purpose. Freedom solution gives interesting idea with small pet. A curvy style rode will need to connect pet dog trailer on wheel. When you ride the bike cycle first tightly bad the airline kennel that start your journey.

 Teardrop Trailer:

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Build your own teardrop pet trailer that is up lifted to ground. Wood trailer has one side dog that has glass window. You dog can see outside with glass window and remain safe from any injury. Outdoor dog solution looks so nice and interesting. You can change the movement with black color tie and font pole.

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