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What are Common Cat Diseases?

8 common Cat Diseases, Symptoms and Solutions


Cat is cute and loving pet live friendly with families especially with kids. You bring a kitty in home, spend time and money to give them good food and proper care yet sometime we seem non regular behaviors and movement in your cats which make your surprised it may due to some serious health issues which your cat face. Few health problems are unpredictable   by common pet owner yet you have to arrange regular vit checkup as   he only tell you what happened to your cat.   Domestic or natural breed cats face common ailment, kidney, urinary and diarrhea problems   frequently but there are further diseases which may not in your mind prescribe here.

Infection Diseases

Cat face non serious to serious infections some infections have a power to come in order with natural respiratory which some infection need proper vaccinations. Runny nose, cough, fever, mouth sores and sneezing are viral upper respiratory infections need less attentions but be careful take then to nearer vet for medication prior to become fatal. Feline is comer infection seemed in cats. When your cat face feline fever, appetite loss, dehydration, diarrhea and lethargy symptoms shown in cats. These are not proper treatment of feline. It just needs lot of water, careful observation until it fights against the infection.

Urinary Diseases

Feline Lower urinary tract disease is more crucial health issues which damage bladder and urethra. When FLUTD affects you cat will not use litter box or strain without urine. That the common symptoms seem in cats yet researcher also said that FLUTD also causes to the excess licking of genital areas and blood to urinate. When you identified symptoms so be attention this may leads such as bladder stone, infection, urinary tract blockage   or caner. Take it to veterinarian   which stat treatment with pain medication, remove   the blocking stuff into bladder or give antibiotics. He also asked to change it diet. Give plenty of water to restrict it from other problems.

Heartworm Disease



Whenever you see respiratory problems, Coughing and vomiting symptom then take hurry to the vet as it heartworm disease that become fatal for your pet. Some cats fight this by their own while other need proper medication. Reduced inflammatory response or may prescribe surgery to treat heartworm.


Feline leukemia virus affects your lymph system which leads to   most common type of cancer known as lymphosarcoma. Squamous cell Carcinoma is another type of cancer found in cat breeds.   Lymph swelling, vomiting, diarrhea, respiratory problems and urinating symptoms seem when cancer viruses attacked to your cats. Your vet recommends treatment after examine and determining the stage of cancer. Chemotherapy, surgery, immoutherapy, and radiation are more recognizing treatment of cancer.


Diarrhea is common disease which tends to lead other serious problems as discuss above. It may causes to unhealthy diet which it eats. Diarrhea and vomiting   accompanied with blood is serious problem which may caused to internal bleeding   in stomach of intestines. Intake lot of fluid to prevent dehydration or avoid feed them in further 24 hours. After that give boiled potatoes, cooked rice and boneless chicken   which helpful for it health



Diabetes is also common disease. Initial symptoms of diabetes are bigger appetite, increase thirst, frequent urination and weight lose. When you overlook any symptom change it diet as it may become serious if not controlled just like humans.

Kidney Disease

Gradual change occurs in cats which symptoms as weight loss, dry coat, and bad breath. It’s necessary to take proper treatment when identified otherwise it fatal for out cat.


External feline is causes to pleas that are common yet it easily treats. Dry skin, licking, constant scratching, hair loss and skin infection are basic symptoms of fleas. Fleas are greater risk of anemia as it lives about one year. Use foams, powder, tropical medication by asking you vet.


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