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Can You Own Starfish Be As Pets?


Star shaped starfish or sea fish is playful pet belongs to Asteroidean class.   Mostly the question asked that either we owned a starfish as pet or not. Off course you can house it in tank as pet. It becomes popular salt water tank fish due to its appearance and gentel nature. You feel pleasant and interesting when you bring a starfish in home.

Other Name:

•    Sea fish
•    Basket star
•    Brittle stars


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Starfish is adorable and pretty pet when you look it for long time yet its movement may makes you bore because sea star is slow moving pet not active in tank. You always found them crapping on   tank bottom.  These are too sensitive drop their arm when feel danger. Do you know? Starfish is not a fish.

Physical Appearance:

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5 to 8 inches longer starfish are in verity of color and glow.   More than 1500 species are found d in Word Sea.  Star shaped starfish have f leg but not all star fish have 5 leg some have more legs. They have smooth aboral surface. Bright color and adorable patterns attracts starfish lover. Pink, blue grey, red, brown and so many more colors seems in starfish.

Star Fish Bred In Tank:

1.    Colored serpent starfish
2.    Chocolate  chip starfish
3.    Brittle starfish
4.    Sand sifting starfish
5.    Feather starfish
6.    Back tip fromia starfish
7.    Knobbed starfish/general starfish
8.    Double-star starfish
9.    Small-spine starfish
Life Span:
Average life expectancy of starfish is 5 to 10 years in captivity base on how long you provide then adequate environment.

 Living Condition:

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Star fish is lovely and adorable pet rapidly house in aquarium.  Salt water aquarium is best option for starfish. These fish best live with  other  fish or tank animals if there is no threat of predator, slow moving starfish  best live in medium, 30 water gallon, glass tank  which give visible display of fish. Starfish is saltwater creation highly sensitive to changing in water, temperature, salinity and acidity level.  They take time when introducing them with new environment.

Sudden enoirment is deadly for them.  30 gallon water tank with sea coral, plants and rocks adornment is necessary to provide natural habitats.  When you  introducing the fish with new environment  turn off the light fist and then pour some water in  bag, in which stat fish pack, the   leave it for  few minutes and again  add some water  with same interval until the bag is fill. Then smoothly leave it in tank. Tank water temperature must maintain within 72 – 76 degree Fahrenheit.

 Health and Care:

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Stat fish is found in salt water environment in suitable temperature and salinity level. So invest to install a good quality hydrometer to clearly observe salinity level.  Provide natural habitats to stat fish which must maintain with a salinity level between 1.oo2 and 1.025.  Optimal environmental factor can affect starfish health.  Tank salinity and temperature are major factors   concern to its health. Starfish in Too cool and low salinity level habitat waste away.  Keep tank water cleat to protect them from health hazards.  Avoid giving copper based medication, its harmful for starfish.  Fungus, disfigurement and white spot are also some health issue a well as color losing issue.


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Star fish are carnivorous fed on snails, and tiny sea dweller. Star fish east soft corals, sponges, tube warm, and other star fish.  If you house one stat fish in stat water aquarium then you do not have to provide extra food if the tank is active before introducing your pet stat fish.  Royal starfish need verity of fish food to protect.  Bahama star fish also eat other starfish.  Starfish also feed on bacteria produced in Aquarium due to presence of other animals.

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