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How Can Enjoy Silver Fox as Pet


Silver fox are comparatively related to red fox. Some are wholly black with white coloration on the tail. Silver fox take birth from black to bluish gray silver. Historically, silver fox skin was frequently worn in Russia, china, Western Europe. As well as people like silver fox as pet other raised it for getting fur purpose. Outer coat of silver fox is 2 inches long than the inner coat. Fur of silver fox gives fluffy, glossy touch with thick coated feet. Learn more about silver fox life from below images.

Life Span:

Silver fox life span is 10 to 12 years.



Outer hair of silver fox can extend 2 inches while short hair covers the body from throat, shoulder, and tail. Base coat of hair is brown and silver grey tipped give shinning look. Silver fox ear have thick fur that coated with long hair. Fox body length is 17 to 35 inches long with 12 to 22 inches long tail. Body weight that gains the silver fox is 20 pounds. Male’s silver fox are larger than female.



Silver fox are friendly with humans and they bark like dog when you disturb them from tail.



Silver fox are come in mammalian group. These are listed in carnivorous animal but when it becomes short silver fox rely on plant materials. Catty shack silver fox can eat 3 to 5 pound food in a week. Vitamin and minerals also add in their food for good health.



Silver fox reach at sexual maturity period by 10 month. Seasonally January and February male and female are monogamous. The male provide the food both pup and their mother in the den. Pup comes out of the den after 4 to 5 weeks.


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