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Brown Coat American Water Spaniel Dog information


About American Water Spinal:


The American water spaniel is a breed of spaniel which small breed and originates in untied state. This breed of dog developed in 19th century from a number of breeds. These are medium size dog that have double coat and normally come in brown shade. A hunting dog is suitable for apartment life.  Smart, affectionate and obedient breed of dog is known for barking a lot.



The American spaniel dog is the Wisconsin state dog that originates along for Fox River. Hunter needed a dog that best work both on land and water, skilled in verity of game. The little brown dog created as that time American brown spaniel that weight was round about 40 pounds. Thick curly coated of dog favorable in cold temperature. It was used for water hunting and other fur-bearing animas. They are dogs that admire and trust under all condition either in home or outdoor place. An excellent family pet can make these dogs. In 2010 this breed of dog was ranked 143rd most popular breed out of 167.

Other Name:

•    AWS
•    AM water spaniel
•    American water spaniel

Life Span:

10 to 12 years life span is of American water spaniel.


Shade of brown

Height & Weight:

Height of male and female (38-46cm)
Weight of male and female (11-18 kg)



The dog is an active, muscular, hard and medium in size. Brown shade double coat of American spaniel come in two patter either tightly curly or in Marcel pattern in which fur fall in waves. The outer coat has layer that safe from water while inner keep warm up. The eyes color harmonizes with coat and should never be yellow. The skull is broad, wide hanging ears and tail is not docked. The legs are medium in size and sometime coat is in white from chest and toes.



The American water spaniel dog is trainable, intelligent and good guard in case of pet. Friendly, confident dog is fastest swimmer in water. High level of endurance ability has the dog. This breed of dog is suitable for hunting and pet life as long as exercise receive. These are very willing and responsive so heavy handed training not necessary. The dog takes well training in which excel that offer variety rather than routine training. Loving companion becomes the American water spaniel dog with children.



Pack breeding in its development let lead to genetic variation level so hereditary condition are not common in the AWS. The breed may be suffered from eye issue. Additional health issues are allergic, diabetes, and glandular disorder that cause baldness. In six month of age hair loss that affect the neck, tail and thighs.



The American water spaniel needs brushing twice a week due to oily coat. Arrange bath only when remove the natural oil in the coat and want to make it dry. Due to oil strong smell make the coat. Light shade occurs in this breed of dog.
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