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Borzoi Long Length Dog Breed Information

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The long size breed of dog is also called with Russian wolfhound name. Borzoi dog’s origin is central Asian countries. The name of borzoi dog is derived from Russian masculine which mean “fast”. In past borzoi dogs were used for wolves hunt. Due to its high temperament people were used as companion.

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Other Name:

Russian hunting sight hound

Russkaya psovaya borzaya
Russian wolfhound

Life Span:

Life span of borzoi is 10 to 12 years.



Generally borzoi describe as long haired dog that come in variety of colors. You will enjoy the borzoi dog with its silky, flat, and often curly coat. Under thick coat keep protect during winter and dog shed during summer that helpful in overheating problem.

With texture skin borzoi coat is unique. Dogs appear with frill neck and feather on tail. Dog body structure as define domed head, large nose, dark eyes, small ear, and narrow chest. Common colors of borzoi dogs are tan, white, black, gray and black or golden marking.

Weight and Height:

Male 34 to 48 kg female 25 to 41 kg
Male 30 to 33 inch female 27 to 31 inch


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The domestic breed of borzoi dog is quiet, almost silent but rarely barks. These are so smart, need patient and owner need experience to handle it. High sensitive dog respect human and don’t become aggressive towards people.

Due to their size these are best for yard where enjoy free exercise. Borzoi are quickly become bore with repeat activity and become stubborn when not properly motivate them. Borzoi has a powerful ability to chase the things include cats and small dogs. Within short time borzoi can cover long distance. These are different from fighting dogs and successfully live with other small animals.


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In young age borzoi dog are physical fit and healthy. Basically borzoi is sound breed and remains unknown from disease. With passage of time some most common health problem are found in borzoi breed of dog. In past it was recommend to raise the food bowl of dog but studies show if as do it raise the risk of bloat. In less common disease include cardiac arrthymia and cardiomyopathy. Avoid exercise after dog meal.


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For maintain the borzoi dog fitness give plenty of exercise in whi9ch include long walk and regular run. These are consider excellent in jogging and like to run alongside the bicycle.

Living Condition:

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Borzoi long size dogs say okay about apartment life if well exercise provide at regular base. Indoor these remain silent and inactive but as go outdoor run with full speed. In city area keep your dog close to avoid from any injury.


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As above define dog coat is silky and feathery so brush regularly and use shampoo when necessary. You can clip the tail long hair above to clean the feet. Borzoi dog shed in summer to live cool in hot days.
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