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Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Dog Health

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How apple cider vinegar may be effect for dog health you can learn in this post. Long time benefits can enjoy that safe your dog in any critical situation. Many health benefits are founded in AVC like
Ear infection
Paw infection
Relief from flea
Improve digestion
Itchy skin
Bug gnat infection
Arthritis pain
Hour simple and easy treatment to fight with above define problem help you more. Scroll down the age and get best information!

Itchy Skin Solution:


Apple cider vinegar help dog to relief from itchy skin and rashes. The process of using AVC is that take 50/50 quantity of both AVC and water and mix them. Get spray bottle and directly apply on itchy skin area and rashes but keep care wound are not open otherwise vinegar will sting and pain the dog.
If you can not apply water and AVC mixture on dog skin than drink it. Feeding quantity take ¼ to ½ teaspoons twice time in a day.

Ear Clean:

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Keep your dog ear clean to prevent from any infection with the help of half apple cider vinegar and half water. Soak the cotton balls in vinegar water mixture and swab in dog ear. When gunk will appears on cotton balls than live the god ear. With this process you will get neat ear of dog and keep healthy.

Flea Problem:


Even you clean your dog and give bath on daily bases but face sometime flea problem. Once again time ACV rescue with simple 50/50 water and vinegar spray solution. During flea season you need to add 2 teaspoon vinegar in dog food or water.

Bug and Gnat’s Bites Restore Ph, Calm Rashes:

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Apple cider vinegar and green-tee is useful for dog body to restore the Ph, calm rashes, gnats and biting flies. Take the following quantities like:
•    AVC ½ cup
•    Boil water 1 cup
•    Brewed green-tee ½ cup
Mix or shake the ingredient in jar and apply on dog body when taking bath and do massage. Dry the skin in air for batter result.
You can keep the mixture in refrigerator for once again time use or pre-made it. Store the ready liquid for one or two week just.

Irritated Paws:

Take two cup water and one cup AVC and drop it in dog bath tub. Soak the irritated paws of dog for five minutes. After using vinegar doesn’t rinse the dog paws instead dry it.

Treat Dog Arthritis:

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You can rig your dog arthritis pain with apple cider vinegar. Use warm AVC on effected area. Add AVC in dog food or water help in break down the extra amount of calcium that move around dog joints.
•    Warm up some vinegar on fire or microwave
•    Soak the cotton cloth in warm vinegar
•    Apply the cloth directly on joints

Improve Dog Digestion:

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Add 1 teaspoon ACV in dog food according to 50 pounds of body weight. You can provide water mix with vinegar in a bowl but may be your dog doesn’t drink water due to AVC. Dog drinking less water will result in dehydration.

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