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Beautiful Swan as Pet_ Facts, Behavior and Caring


Good-looking, Prettier, Gorgeous, beautiful   is all words is smaller to praise a swan. It considered one of the most beautiful birds of the world. Swan is gentle and easy to handle bird belongs to anatidae family. Basically swan is close relatives of geese and ducks. Swans also named s jenbird   found in seven to eight species. Swan is easy keeping pet need less attention and cost then other pet. Before bring swan as home pet firstly know about interesting facts, caring and behaviors of swans.

Amazing Fact About Swan

 Swan is largest waterfowl family member   which also fly.


Mute swan, whooper swan and trumpeter swan are largest species off swan with a length of 1.5 and 15 kg weight. These swans have 3.1 meter wingspan with larger neck and feet.


Northern hemisphere swan species are in pure white plumage color while southern hemisphere swan spices are in black and white. Australian black swan is southern species   are in black color with white feather in his wings that look when it spread it wing for flying.


Non feathery skin patches seem between eyes and bills in adults.

Male swan are bigger and heavier in weight then female swans.


Two Southern America swan spices have pink legs while other swan has dark black grey legs.

Swan has smaller jagged that look like teeth in serrated edges of beaks. Which amazingly work during feeding? Swan used it for catching and eating water plants and algae as well as small fish, worms and frogs

What To Consider About Swan Care



Swan is amazing pet   freely move inside the home and backyard. Spend more time in swimming. They have to need proper nesting spaces for resting and take care of their egg during mating period.   Clean out the area regularly to keep it fresh and clean. They also need plenty of water to swimming and bathing as they love water look gorgeous while swimming.



Bird flu and illness is harmful or totally destroy them. So be careful about their health. Breed them in warm and temperate area. Provide proper heath if you live in cooling areas. If you have ability to make a pond in home then it’s awesome if not them take them natural made pounds or parks have manmade pond or lake. Protest them from predators as fencing is not good for them.




Swan lives with their mate and knows as mate for life. Then spend whole life with their mate. Sawn lay three to eight egg in each clutch which is good if you are interesting to raise amount of swans. Swan mother nicely take care o her cygnets and learn everything that necessary for their survival.

What the Behavior of Swan

Swan is larger breed live in water and land. They truly bound with their mate and social with other swans. Pet swan generally behavior nicely and affectionate with owner yet it feel anger if someone touches eggs and little cygnets. They dab in water to get food. They also aggressive while protecting their nest.

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