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Basic Care Tip for Keep Calf as Pet

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Cow is smart, obedient and affectionate animal become good pet. You can keep them in cattle to get lot of advantages such as you can enjoy free milk, butter and other milky products. Cow is friendly pet you can spend good time with you. You can cuddles with them. Some people breed cow for earning money and some keep it as pet for good company.  Keeping a cow is little expensive than other pet yet t have lot of advantages like they make low smell, style gentle, give plenty of milk and so more. If you desire to keep a cow as pet then is calf is best choice for you.

It seems so cute and prettier perfect if you have small kid in home. Female cow is call herein and male cow is known as steer or bull.  Their one year baby is named as calf. Keeping young bovine is not an easy task it need extra care and affection. Bring a calf in home is life time investment which is more productive. Here we discuss the general care of calf after the Calving (when the calf born). Give better care to keep theme health and active which is more productive for you.  It not difficult to keeping cattle as pet  it just need proper feeding,  housing  and little care.  Healthy calf   is you life time assets.

Where You Have To Invest:

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Purchasing a calf is the most important and considerable point depend on both thing either you raise calf for meat or as dairy cattle. Male calf become a bull which is more expensive while the adult female cow known as herein get ready for breeding when it is 2 year old.  Male calf is bit difficult to breed and just keep for breeding while female calf is best investment if you desire milk and other dairy products.

When to Purchase a Calf:

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It’s another situation of caring a calf in cattle if its mother refused to adopt or dies. But here we talk about purchasing of a calf to keep as pet. It’s necessary to fed mother milk for 6 month as it keep the calf healthier. Cow first milk is known as colostrums which have power to provide fight against the immunity system to disease. It’s also helpful to build up vitamin and mineral source. First 6 to 8 month is little risky.  6 to 10 month old calf is right option to bring in home.

How to Handle a Calf:

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It necessary to handle calf after you brings it in home as soon as possible. Sometime it’s your luck the calf you bring in home is already tamed but not for all.  If you have a calf which recently left his mom is quite difficult to handle.  Bottle feeding is necessary for earlier calf. Feed them twice in a day with mother’s milk replacer. Avoid giving powder milk.  Rub their back while they feed milk   then as the time goes stroke their sides, legs that they start to recognizer you.

Living Condition:

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Newborn calf need warmth and secures area from inclement weather and other animals. Prior to bring a calf in home fist considered the place you have, if it’s enough to keep a calf them bring it home otherwise postpone until you arranged for proper spacing.  Most pet owner bred calf in cattle they have to fencing their yard properly for calves.  Sturdy, stronger fencing is best for calf.  Cold weather is not good for these little calves provide warmth shelter shed or barn having pack ground with straw and dry hay.  In heated day shelter is right to protect them for sun.  Place fresh water in sufficient amount to keep them away from dehydration in summer season.


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If you have one day calf then feed them colostrums within 72 hours.  Rub the milk over the nose to accept the milk taste you are going to feed them in bottles. Bottle and bucket feeding is necessary for few day calf.  Feed them thrice a day. Milk amount is depending on calf weight which is approximately 10% of his body weight. Feed them with bottle until they become two month old. If calf are too week exceed the time from 2 to 4 months.  Special calf-starter diet is available in marker which is best when you calf start eating other the milk.  It’s best for calf growth. make sure that the  diet you selected for you calf carry   balanced portion of protein,  calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients  necessary for  calf  growth and which also boost up their energy level.

Health and Care:

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Calves are so cute and friendly pet. You can enjoy good them. Along with other facilities you have to take care of your pet calf. Clean the area where you kept the calf to keep you calf clean.  Change grass flooring when you feel it dirty. Young calf suffers from different diseases such as congenital abnormalities, dehydration, and many more. Akabane virus is also affected calf which has serious result in case of abortions, premature birth and stillbirth when they reached at the age of maturity.

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