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Basenji ‘No Barked’ Domestic Dog Breed as Pet

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Not barking, low maintenance, low shed is distinctive feature that make Basenji favorite domestic pet throughout the world.  It’s hard to fine all qualities in one breed but Basenji fills entire requirements. They are active, playful, intelligent, social and obedient breed never disappoints you. Basenji is fantastic choice for allergic owners.


Basenji dog is a hunting dog originated in Congo, central Africa.


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Basenji is ancient dog breed bred for hunting purpose, but later they domesticate due to their no barking characteristic. They originated in Congo in West Africa. In 19th century round about 1937 first time Basenji introduced in western countries especially in England. Later they exported throughout the worlds. It richly likes as domesticated dog due to no-bark and non-shedding features.  1944 is the year when Basenji officially recognized by AKC.

Life span:

Average life expectancy of dog is about 10-12 years.

Litter size:

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4-6 puppies

Other name:

•    Congo dog
•    Ango Angari
•    African barkless dog
•    Zande dog
•    Congo terrier

Physical appearance:

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Basenji dog is smaller size dog with average 16-26 inches height and weighted between 10-12 kg. Muzzle is smaller than skull.  Wrinkle forehead, graceful neck and pointy erects ears, almond shape eyes, straight leg and curly tails visible feature of Basenji dog. They have powerful athlete body. Basenji dog also know as square breed. Their body size is depending over the length of tails. Male Basenji dog has long tails then female which are curled up from the tips.  Their gate is similar to the house.  Short hair coat is in red, bridle, black, copper, chestnut and tri color combination such as black brindle and white color coat.  Their feet are in white while white marks found on chest and tip of the tail.


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Basenji dog are active, cheerful and excited dog breed stay alter and active all the day. They love to play and strongly bound with family member. They are intelligent, social and affectionate dog. Although they have packed personality have all characteristic that you desire to watch in pet dog.  Basenji dog socialized well but show reserve nature in front of strangers. Climbing is another plus point of Basenji. They easily climb up like cat. An active and cheerful owner is required because they are active and energetic dog do not stay inactive for longer time. They love to play and chew thing so provide extra toys to keep him happy.

Living condition:

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Basenji dog is appropriate for apartment like of it get enough exercise and playing space in home. You can found them active in home as well as in backyard and park.  They love company of other. So it good to bring two or more but don’t trust them if you already have non-canine pet.


Intestinal, kidney, liver, joints and eye infection richly examine in Basenji dog.  Fanconi Syndrome, Hypothyroidism, Hemolytic, Intestinal diseases are major health issues observe in Basenji.


Basenji requires less grooming because they have independent nature of self grooming just like they. They clean their coat their own. They also recognized as now bark and no shed dog. Basenji does not have bad adore.


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Basenji is active and playful dog need proper exercise regularly.  Without proper exercise they become fat and lazy. Give them proper play time along with daily walk.


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Basenji is obedient and intelligent dog easy to train under confident and display leadership. They are clever and independent dog breed make their own rule if they are not satisfied from leadership.

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