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Bantam Perfect Backyard Chicken-Complete Information


Bantams are playful checking become cute addition in your backyard. It’s good to keep bantams in home as they are loving and affectionate also know as lap pet. Most people considered that chicken are just bred for egg and meats but it not the matter in Bantam situations. Bantam are smaller size breed kept as pet.

It increases the beauty of backyard and look pleasant while seem them in homes. You can also enjoy their meats as they are in excellent taste. Bantams are well developed chicken introduced different type. All bantams are well in laying eggs. Hen bantams are good mothers while rooster bantams are more aggressive but it’s all naturally.



Bantams are originally bred in china so it best to say that these chicken breed originated from china. If we play attention over it name them Bantam is also associated as bantam city which is recognized as bigger Indonesian seaport. These chickens are transported in European countries from South Asia. Bantams are also know as show birds as well as pet,

Egg-laying capacity:

Bantams hen are good laying hens laid 3 eggs in a week that approximately reaches up to 150 in a year. Their egg size is smaller than normal egg that is one half-one-third of regular egg.

Living conditions:


Bantams are amazing backyard pet. Let them freely move in your backyard in daylight. Be careful these smaller birds have greater threat from predators such as cats and dogs. Prepare larger aviary or cage according to their strength. Winter season is good for them but take care of their feet. Inspect feet nicely to find any infection due to accumulation of snow clumps. These chickens hardly bears heats, provide cool shelter in summers.



Bantams are ground eater they enjoy small insects, caterpillars especially when they move in backyard.  They also eat vegetables and seeds.  Give the normal food that consists on grains. Supply fresh water all the time. Urban or countryside areas are best living situation for bantams. Any how you breed them at home or poultry they are economical pets. Avoid to overfeeding as it may causes to their death. Excess food without exercise causes to create brain set inflammation that lead instant death.

Bantam chicken health issues:

Bantams are normally prone to coryza infection, gapes and lungs inflammation.

Best Bantam breeds:

•    Sebright bantam:


Sebright bantam are named by its developer, Sir John Sanders Sebright. It true bantam chicken origin in United Kingdom and widely breed throughout the world. Its popular chicken breed has flawless appearance. These bantams are smaller in size as they as just 22-20 oz in weight, shorts backs, larger breasts and downward pointing wing are visible features. Sebright bantams are available in dark gold and whitish silver with black lace around the edges.

•    Silkie bantams:


It’s fluffy and furry chicken smaller in size covered with fur like feathers.  They look cute and gain attention through distinctive behaviors. There chicken are available in black, white, and blue, Golden and buff colors. These chickens also come in different pattern such as partridge and splash. Their friendly and sweet nature allows you feel good. I’m sure you enjoy their company.

•    Japanese Bantams:


Short leg, smart body and arched tails are the statement features which increase it beauty. These bantams are in single color that contrasts with body. It’s too smaller in size as it weighed in just a single pound. Japanese bantams lay white eggs. Hens are good mother while rooster sometime gets mean.

•    Dutch Bantams:

Dutch Bantams are show bantam origin in Netherlands. It knows as miniature bantams. It best family pet because they have loving natures and easy to bred in smaller spaces.  These are weighted in 450-550 grams which is positive feature. It’s good in flying. Partridge pattern Dutch bantam has friendly temperament. Golden partridge, yellow partridge, Pyle and black are common colors of Dutch bantams.

•    Serama bantams:


Serama bantams weight in one-pound or less is world smaller chicken recently develop about 50 years ago.  It’s expensive and rare breed also gain popularity due to unique physique. Point down wings touches the ground white tails straightly carried up.  It has v-shape body with high breast.

•    Mille fleur:


Reddish gold feather make base of the Mille fleur body and wings while black feather cover tails and feet. White dot at the tip of each feather make it attractive and beautiful. Mille fleur are further divided in bearded and non-beaded varieties as bearded breed has feather under earlobes while other does nave heave. It best feathery friend of pet lovers.

Other bantams:


Bantams are available in true bantam, developed and miniature bantam breed. Here we enlist all bantams breed commonly available in pet stores.

•    Old English Bantams
•    Cochin Bantams
•    Calico Cochins Bantams
•    Orpington Bantams:
•    Tiny Bantam
•    Ancona
•    Leghorn
•    Maran
•    Frizzle cochin bantam:
•    Easter egger bantams
•    Buff silkie bantams
•    Mottled cochin bantam
•    Pekin
•    Belgian bearded
•    Rumpless
•    Tuzo

•    Rosecomb Bantams

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