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Alangu Mastiff/Pakistani Bully Dog breeds information


Alangu Mastiff dogs are larger and stronger muscles dog breed commonly found in Asian countries such as India, Pakistan. In these countries these dog are bred as fight dog because he has incredible stamina and fearless nature. Bully kutta assumes the most dangerous dog breed that way it rarely found in western countries.  They are good fighter, guard and working dog breed.


Alangu Mastiff are originated from south of the India and Punjab. With the passage of time Alangu Mastiff also introduced in China, Russia, USA and central Asia.

Other name:

1.    Indian Mastiff
2.    Bully kutta
3.    Sindhi Mastiff
4.    Pakistani Bully kutta

Life span:

Average life expectancy of Alangu Mastiff dog is 10-12 years in captivity.

Physical description:


Alangu Mastiff is larger side dog breed weighed about 60 to 65 pounds with average 30-42 inches height. They are stronger and powerful dog has solid muscular and stronger body frame which is suitable for his fighting behavior. This massive size dog is in square appearance, medium neck, powerful shoulder, wide chest and bear like feet. Short coat Alangu Mastiff is found in brown, fawn, red and bindle colors.



Alangu Mastiff is aggressive and fearless natured dog very difficult to breed by a common person. They has dominate personality make him best war and fighting dog.  They are intelligent dog but do not like leadership.  Owner found much difficulty while training these dogs. Alangu Mastiff needed experienced trainer for training.  They are good guard dog.
Due to ferocious and blood thirsty nature this dog considered the most dangerous dog and also assume distrustful dog for strangers.  They are not socialized with other dogs and humans. I’m not in favor to recommend Alangu Mastiff dog as children and family pet. Alangu Mastiff is alert, brave, intelligent and vigilant dog.

Living condition:


Alangu Mastiff are larger side dog easily adjust in most climates. Outdoor living is suitable for this dog. These dogs need enough space to live happily. If you have bigger house with backyard then Alangu Mastiff are suitable dog breed for you otherwise breed then in countryside areas.


Alangu Mastiff is good feeder so provides high quality food in enough quantity which covers their energy requirements. There is not specific dry food for Alangu Mastiff dog.  Feed beef, chicken and other which he like most.



Bully kutta or Alangu Mastiff are low shedding dog do not need too much grooming. They rarely groomed because they have short coat just required occasionally brushing. Choose slicker brush for brushing the coat.  Give a bath if you need necessary otherwise wipe the body with damp towel and cloth to remove dust.

Health issues:

Alangu Mastiff is stronger muscular and powerful body generally have not serious health problems but there is little chance of congenital health issues such as arthritis and blindness.



Alangu Mastiff is highly energy dog need high exercise along with play time. Take them for regular walk and keep them busy in different activities like hunting and playing. As they are fight dog, you can train them for fighting.

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