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Affectionate Bracco Italiano Dog Information as Pet

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A sweet and soulful expression Bracco Italiano dog is well known by droopy lips appearance. It’s a perfect breed of dog to enjoy all types of hunting. The intelligent dog you can enjoy as a pet animal. For detail information about Bracco Italiano dog scroll down the page.

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The Bracco Italiano is an Italy base hunting breed of dog. The history of Bracco dog comes back to 4th and 5th century. It is a cross breed of dog between Asiatic mastiff and segugio Italiano. The breed of dog become extinct at the end of 19th century that later saved by the effort of the Italian breeder. The standard breed of dog was released in 1949 that come in England in 1989.

Life Span:

The Bracco Italian dog can live 12 to 13 years.


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The Bracco Italiano breed of dog has dropping upper lips, long ears, with square body shape. Actually it height and width is same with docked tail. Bracco Italian dog has glossy and short coat. The most common color founded in this breed of dog is white-orange, roano-ornage, and patches of face, ear, and base of tail.

Height & Weight:

Weight 25 to 40 kg
Height of male 58-67 cm female 55-62 cm


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Bracco dog is good as family dog because it love with people.  The dog can live well with other dog. Obedience training must need to this Bracco dog. These are not aggressive breed and keep you alert in sudden situation. Dog like hunting in fact but if your Bracco dog not hunt mean it not happy. Active dog also require mental exercise to live happy. Owner can learn different games like hide and seek to their Bracco dog.


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The happy dog needs to give long walk, random run and romping. You can easily learn or train you dog. Behave politely during learning hour because Bracco is too Sensitive dog. Dogs don’t like swimming and should give one hour to play.


Healthy breed of dog occasionally prone some health issue.


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With short and smooth coat of Bracco Italian dog you can easily groom and keep it clean. Dead hair from skin can remove with brush at least once time in a week.

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