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7 Tricks to Entertain Dog When You Are Not in Home

There are lot of possibilities when you have to go out of home while   your do must have to stay in home. You cannot take it at working place, grocery stores, shopping malls and many more placed where dog entrance are banned.  Dog is lively and active animal do not like to stay alone in home.  They quickly bored or also have a threat of chewing or destroying home furniture. They best way of keeping dog lonely in home that you keep it busy in different thing.  There is lot of way to entertain   dog when they are lonely at home. Here we discuss few of them which ate more effective and enjoyable for your pet and also for you.

Interact With Your Pet With Petcube:

They best way to entertain your dog who is lonely in home is to interact which your dog with petcube camera.  Don’t let it know that you are not in home.   Carefully watch dog activities and talk with it to ensure it that you are close to him.  Petcube camera is two ways audio streamed deign with built in microphone and speaker. It true entertainment for your pet yet also keeps you away for tension of dog wrong activities.

Lower Down Dog Energy:

It’s common fact that tired dog act in nice way in your absence. Lower down their energy level by involving them in different task such as exercise, gaming and mental exercise. When you dog is tired it do not  want to do more so take it  for  20 mint walk or  training task and  interesting games  are best for your pet when you  have to go for work.   You do you work until you dog make some rest.

Dog Toys To Keep Dogs Busy:

Dogs are active and playful friends love gaming and playing with toys.  Puzzle toys with sneaky kibbles which hide inside hey puzzle is good entertainment which keep dog busy for hours without any bored feeling. Self fetching toys are also better solution which also liked by dog.

Kong-The Ideal Thing To Entertain Dogs:

Kong is king! Its old saying when we talk about dog entertainment.  Dog enjoy playtime with Kong when they are filled with delicious treats. Kong is productive toy fully involve dog for long time   but also improve their cognition behavior. Fill Kong with dog favorite kibbles, candies, wet food, and freeze it all night which extend the time duration to getting out goodies.  Give it to do when you are going to work.  It’s slowly melted and   allow dog to eat food. It need much time to empty so be calm and done you work   perfectly without any problem.

Turn On TV:

Soothing musical sounds are good entertainment for dog which does not let them to focus on your absence. Noises and musical sounds provide distract surrounding.  Now in these days dog TV also introduces which show dog favorite programs which entertain dg for long time period. These TV also design by keeping dog hearing and vision perception does not damage dog physical health.

Permit Distractive Surrounding:

Let you dog assume   you are in home and busy in other corner of home in simple way. Just open windows which open in busiest side of the home where voices and other noises come inside.

Other Pet Companionship:

Dogs feel bore when they are alone sometime they not response well in all above conditions.  Don’t be worried just adopt this trick which have better results.  Other pet dog or cat company keep your dog busy in playing and other activities and distract dog mind.  Pet company reduced separation anxiety and keeps it calm all the time when you are not in home.

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