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Yellow Napped Amazon as Lovely Pet

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Yellow napped Amazon parrot is belonging to Amazon family. They are quick witted creatures. As their quality they can make excellent pet for their loving owner. They are bound with their owner and live happy with their owner.  Attention seekers yellow napped Amazon parrot are lovely and happy parrots. Their social interaction is strong. So you may also keep as pet in home setting with proper care.


Yellow napped Amazon is originated from southern Mexico and Central America.

Life span:

Yellow napped Amazon parrot approximately life span is up to 70 year with proper care.

Physical appearance:

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Yellow napped Amazon is pretty parrot. As their appearance they look pretty with their green forehead crown with yellow band across the back of their neck. Their beak is in dark grey and paler on the base of the upper mandible.  Yellow Amazon parrot feet are also in dark grey colored. As a whole this pretty part is looking cute and innocent so people keep as pet.


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Yellow aped Amazon parrots are highly intelligent and social in nature. This lovely bird can get center of attention for their owner. They are also good talker bird. They can extremely love and bound with their owner. In case of neglection they can fell in destructive behavior and depressed. They can show their depression through physical and emotional reactions. For this purpose must take care about them and spend their some time with their pet parrot.


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Yellow Amazon parrot needs for living. For this purpose a proper cage provide with all appliances toys and branches with natural environment. They need 36 inches wide or high and 24 inches deep cage. On their cage sitting bars are also settled and get amazing charm on your pet cage.


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Yellow Amazon pet is healthy and happy parrot so need plenty of exercise or activities. For their exercise pet owner mu keep toys or wood branches in their cage for chewing. Physically exercise is also needed for yellow Amazon parakeet. For this purpose, take out their cage for 2 hours in every day for searching their surroundings. In this way they can interact with their owner and communicate with them through some sounds and explore their surrounding observation.



Yellow napped Amazon parrot needs to groom. If you keep as pet then take care of regular bath with shower on daily basis.  And dry in natural setting such as sunrays or dry warm room temperature. They can enjoy shower bathing and keep happy during bathing time. So take care of their bathing and cleaning their yellow Amazon pet.


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Yellow napped Amazon parrot need high quality pellet diet fresh fruits and vegetables or supplemented seed mix diet. When you can own as pet then take care of their diet and give balanced diet for their yellow napped Amazon parrot.
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