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World Intelligent Cat- Singapura Cat as Pet


Singapura cat is quite, gentle and intelligent cat become popular and statement pet cats due to its appealing feature such as it is smaller in size having bigger eyes and ears. Singapura cat have amazing personality in small pack that also awesome reason of it popularity. Its stock, curious and lively cats need high attention and time from its owner, in other word you call it as lap pet that enjoy your company.



There is huge controversy when we talk about the origin of Singapura cat. Generally it says that Singapura cat is street cats   developed in Singapore in year 1970s. Singapura cat is rare breed developed in result of mating Burmese cat with Abyssinian. Singapura cat is domestic cat that also considered as living national treasure   by the national government as it developed street cat.  In 1982s CFA registered Singapura cat .it also known as “river cat” and “Drain cat”.

Other Name:

This cat also recognized for different names such as Ticle, George, Gladys, Pusses and Tes

Life Span:

Average life expectance of Singapura cat is 12-13 years.

Litter Size:


5 kittens



Singapura cat is smaller size cat with a weight to 6-8 pound. Stronger muscular body, big eyes and ears, blacked tipped tail and short cost is its visible features that   increase it playfulness. Singapura cat has green, yellow and hazel eyes color that are clear on face. Brown and tabby color short hair single layer coat in silky textures look beautiful. Round face, tip ears, tapper to small legs, oval feet and rose brown paw pads also   visible characteristics of Singapura cat



Singapura cat is adorable, gentle and lively cats as you enjoy its company Singapura cat love to explore world and heights. You can find t on refrigerator, over the cabinets and window. They also looking outside to see what happened around them. Singapura cat socialized cats easily adjust when she entered in homes. Singapura cat is shy cat do not talk well when it met with net peoples. It little choosy while making human friends. Singapura cat is good with children and pet. It affectionate with kids becaure it love the playfulness and cuteness of kids.  Keep cat away from dog as it common fact that cat and dogs are not friends. Singapura cat is intelligent love to play, climb and exploring new world. It makes fun while playing with their owner. They also show curious behavior.



Singapura cat is generally healthy cat yet it may prone to Pyruvate kinase deficiency that inherited genetically. It causes due to deficiency of enzyme that are functional for metabolism. Uterine intertia and pregnancy related issues are common in female Singapura cat. Eyes and ear allergies   or infection are minor health problem but it advisable to take you pet cat to related vet for treatment if you find in serious symptoms.



Singapura cat is gentle cat have low shedding features that need low grooming requirement as it self sufficient   cat toward cleaning. It’s independent while grooming itself. Just comb its short coat with soft brush to remove dead hairs and disturbing skin oil cells. Clean eyes with wet cloth or cotton to secure eyes from infection. Weekly trim nails and regular teeth brushing are also good for its health.

Living Condition:


Singapura cat is active and lively cats easily adjust in every environment. Its low shedding cat that why become favorite cat of apartment living owner who allergic form cat.

Training or Exercise:

Singapura cat is intelligent and independent cat so it does not need special training. If you desired to train your pet cat then be happy it’s easily lean everything. Occasionally treat   is best ideas to get success in training. Singapura cat is active cat has low exercise requirement just plenty of playtime and   walk is good for it.



Singapura cat is stocky and sturdy cat   so careful while feeding it. Give it nutrition and health food in needy calories. Raw food like meat, fish and chicken is it favorite food while it’s also enjoy turkey and wild salmon. If you desired to feed dry food then pick high quality dry food from racks. Provide plenty of water in clean and colorful bowl.

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