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“Walking Fish” Axolotls Interesting Pet


We found grater popularity   breeding Axolotls as home pets. Axolotls are amphibian class member look like walking fish also known as Mexican salamander closely related to tiger salamander. Axolotls are lizard like amphibians has air breathing and land dwelling features that make it good pet. Axolotls are endangered species announced by CITES and IUCN as these species are near to extinction due to unhealthy environment and polluted water.



Axolotls are wider head with lidless eyes length from 15 to 45 cm. females have wider bodies then male Axolotls because their bodies are full of eggs, Axolotls have underdeveloped limps , three pairs of external gills exist behind their head help to moved oxygenated water. Axolotls are long tails that give it tadpole like appearances. They found in mottled black/ green, white, albino, gold colors. Axolotls have four legs like lizards help in walking.

Life span


Axolotl’s live about 20 years in good captivity while it fortunate to fine Axolotls that are more than 10 tears.



Axolotls are larger and quite messy creature best live in 15 -20 gallon tanks for Axolotls habitation. It’s good to keep single Axolotls in a tank. Filtered aquarium with low filtration rate is also suitable for Axolotls. Fill bottom of tank with gravel that easily digested by Axolotls. Axolotls are good jumper so cover you fish tank with strong lid. Axolotls live in slow water flow otherwise your pet seem depressed.

Lightening and temperature


Lower temperature may slower the metabolism system of Axolotls so be careful for water temperature as it may approximately 50 to 72F is best temperature for Axolotls. Too lower and too higher may cause to generate disease that lead to their death. Keep Axolotls tank away from sum light as they feel shy in bright lights.



Blood worms, land worms, small fishes,   brine shrimp, tubifex worms and commercial fish pellets are their favorite foods you can feed them small strips of beef or liver. Provide balance diet in variety that keeps them happy. Temperature rate also affect Axolotls feeding as low temperature slower their metabolism process which need less food.

Heath and care


Axolotls are messy species they live in clean places so frequently clean their tank or install filter that keep tank clean. Clean out food particle daily as they free from feeding. Axolotls suffered from fungal, bacterial infection and stress problems that need proper medication. They need stronger treatment as medication not works quickly.

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Axolotls have distinctive look and interesting features with appeals anyone. Pet loves happy to bring them in home as they are special ad rear pet as nobody sees them as pets. Axolotls are quit social pets feel shy in bright light more for naughty kids. They also require full time for their care as little carless behaviors kills them.

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