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Turkish Van Cat-a Wonderful Pet for Pet Lovers


Are you looking for a cat not only playful in appearance but has greater personality. Bring in Turkish van cats. It intelligent, vocal and friendly cats make amazing companion.

Life span:

Average life expectancy of Turkish van cat is about 12-17 years.


Turkish van cats originated for the Turkey which is it native land while it also recognized in united kingdom.  His breeds naturally developed in central and south Asia and reached to united state by encompasses through Iran, Iraq, eastern turkey and southwest Soviet Union.  Army troops, merchants, and traders play important role to recognize this lively cat in European countries. In 1955 this cat breed come to England and till that time it make greater place among the cat lovers.



Turkish van cat is one of the oldest cat breed has stronger relation with Noah’s ark as she swim ashore with Noah Ark which mounted on Mount Ararat in Turkey near Lake Van.  Turkish van cats named due to the region and the lake belongingness. This cat considered the national treasure of the homeland county as it the iconic breed has great history.  Most believe this cat is totally covered with white fur when she stepped in the ark and spots of color on her body it due to the slamming door, which turn the tail in red and   when turn in red when God touch her from the head.  Hand rested marks makes beautiful pattern on her head. Turkish van cat has great importance in Jewish and Islamic traditions as both traditions accept this fact. With the passage of time this cats widely spread in different countries of the world as mentioned above.

 Physical description:


Semi-long hair breed has long and silkier coat feel like cashmere when you touches it. It’s playful and elegant cat.  This cat has not undercoat like other cats. This single coat cat breed has red van pattern head and red tail which the entire body is in white hues. It fur has great resemblance with rabbit fur.  Sleek appearance, stronger body and long tale are adorable features increase its popularity.

It lager size breed weighted to 10-18 pounds when it comes the maturity.  Longer and moderate body has broader shoulder and chest which make heave top and gravity forward body type. Body shape is due to swimming behaviors.  Larger paws also supports during swimming as well s climbing.  Turkish van cat are good jumper. They are slow mature take three or more years to reach mature level.

Personality behavior:


Turkish van cat is intelligent, active and lively cats. They show affectionate and loving attitude toward family members and children. They enjoy the company of other pet if they are active and independent like her.  Turkish van cat love water and also want to spend more time in playing. They are obedient and friendly cats but never accept that they behave like a lap cat which follow you room to room or shoe cuddling behaviors.  You assume you are the luckiest person of the world has such pet.

Living condition:


Turkish Van cat is impressive cat best for indoor living. They are not suitable for outdoor living. Turkish cat also nicknamed as swimming cats love to swim but stay alter don’t let them go in deep water as they like swimming but not expert for such experience. They are no lap cats involve other activities so let them do their own activities, they are independent cats quickly learn household requirement. Focus eyes over her as she has excellent ability if turn on taps and faucets. Say her jump in pool when you already in pool otherwise let her play with her water bowls.



These caps has silkier yet single coat so they has proper grooming to keep the coat in good condition. Their coats are amazingly free for mats or tangles. There low shedding cats just need combing or brushing just twice in a week but the need extra cares during spring and fall season. It time to change the coat, these gats feel glad while bathing. So it’s good to give bath occasionally. Check it ears and brush teeth to prevent periodontal diseases and ear infection.

 Health and care:

These cats prone to different health issues that may genetic in nature of accidental. They are healthier cats if we take aside the genetic health issues. They live healthier if you give proper food and life style to her.  Heart diseases, such as Hypertrophic cardimyopathy are common problem of these cats.

Interesting facts about Turkish Van cat:

•    Turkish Van cat is one of the ancient cat breed naturally developed in Turkey, neat Lake Van.
•    This cat has playful appearance tail and head in red color while the rest body fully covered with fur.

•    Mostly these cats has gold or blue eye but some cat of this breed fabulously born with odd eyes, means one blue and one gold.
•    These are active and vocal cat don’t like to cuddle. They prefer to do something new other than sitting free in your lap.
•    Turkish Van cat is rare breed in united state yet it gain popularity in Europe.
•    Turkish Van cat is symbol of prosperity and good luck in Turkey.
•    They are excellent swimmer. It also shows the love of Turkish Van cat with water.  Long and lean body type is suitable for swimming.  Boarder shoulders and chests built the speed in water.
•    They naughty cats have great experience of turning on faucets and flashing toilets.
•    Turkish Van cat has reserved personality good with family if they all present at home. They behave well with older children.
•    They enjoy of company of other cats if she also packed with same personality traits such as she might be independent and active as well as love with water.
•    With these entire characteristic, unluckily it take too much time in reorganization by any cat breed association. Recently it recognized in America by The International Cat Association (1985) and Cat Fancier Association (1994).
•    Turkish government take serious steps to protects the bloodline of this pretty cat which quickly decline in it native land.

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