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Turkish Angora Cat

National Treasure- Turkish Angora cat As Pet


Turkish Angora cat is eye-pleasing and affectionate domestic cat breed attracts pet lover due to it playful personality and fascinating history. Turkish Angora cat are rare and assume natural treasure in their native land. As it name specify Turkish Angora cat native to turkey in Ankara region.

Other name

  • Angora cat
  • Ankara cat

Life span


Turkish Angora cat have average 9-14 year longevity range.



Turkish Angora cat are natural breed descended from African wildcat or palla wild cat. Two theories are related to Turkish Angora cat about when we talk about its ancestor. First theory said that its descended from palla wild cat yet palla is aggressive   cat have now similarity with Turkish Angora cat while seconds theory said that Turkish Angora cat originated form African wild cat. In 16th century Turkish Angora cat migrate from Asia, Persia and Russia to France and Great Britain. Turkish Angora and Persian cats have great similarity hat connect them. In 1963 Turkish Angora cat brought to Canada after that “The cat Fancier Association accepted it as pedigree breed in 1073.



Long hair natural breed Turkish Angora cat has silky, smooth and shinny coat that shimmer when it walk. Tabby, tabby white and smoky coat Turkish Angora cat look cute and more beautiful. Single layered long coat seems different in summer and winter seasons.   These cats have thinner coat in warmth and sunny seasons while thicker and longer in cold seasons that keep it warm in winters. Boned face Turkish Angora cat eyes may in blue, Ombre, green colors. Odd-eyes Turkish Angora cat captured owners. Almond shaped eyes and pointy long ears are appealing featured. Turkish Angora cat also crosses breed in red, black, blue, silver, blue cream and dilute color with bicolor, tricolor and solid color patterns.




Turkish Angora cat are active, playful, affection and friendly breed that highly intact with their owner. They involve in families and style bound with its favorite family member. These are also active and intelligent cats easily resolve their problems or like to live independent. These cats are suitable of kid, and adults. It also behaves affectionately with other pet. Turkish Angora cat is not a lap pet as it feel bad if someone hold it for few minutes yet it stay close and move around and cheese your from room to rooms. Turkish Angora cat is also, good talker; love to talk with in sweet vocals. Turkish Angora cat look gorgeous while dancing. Its love dance and may ask you for dancing in its sweet animated sounds.



Turkish Angora cat have single layer coat so need low maintenance or grooming during matting period. High shedding seems in Turkish Angora cat. Just brush their coat with comb of good quality hair brush regularly. Be careful while brushing it coat because it has special coat. Brush its teeth regularly for protest for health issues. Turkish Angora cat naturally have scratching behaviors so trimmed its nails



Turkish Angora cat are rare and costly cats   so keep them inside the home. These cats are amazing indoor pets. Clean cat bed of pet houses keep in home for sleeping and resting. Give plenty of toys to play with.



Turkish Angora cat babies need proper vaccinations and regular checkup   for its good health. Use spry and drops to remove fleas as they damage your pet health.



Turkish Angora cat easily gain weight. It has fine boning body that gives it elegant and lovely appearance. Don’t allow them to become fat as heavy weight harmful for its health. So give them balance food at proper time with plenty of exercise.

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