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Train Kitten to Use a Litter Box In Best Way


Are you bring a newly born  or growing kitten in home to keep it as pet then you have to  train him for household. Giving him comfortable environment, high quality food and medication you have to take fewer steps to keep your home from kitten accidents. It caused to bad odor which make you home surrounding smelly. It also affects you health. So train you pet kitten the uses of litter box. Here we explain the method of train kitten for litter using in detail for you help.

Select appropriate for litter box for kitten:


When you start to train you pet kitten in absence of her mother then first bring in an appropriate litter box in home. Kitten litter boxes are in different sizes and shops.  Select larger litter box if you think to use it for longer time. Kitten grows up faster. Smaller litter box may create problem latter. Encloses litter boxes having unscented and scoopable feature is best for kittens.  Purchase good quality scooper and drop cloth along with litter box.

Litter box placement:


After bringing a litter box in home the next step is where to keep litter box in home as it comfortable for you and also for our kitten. Avoid keeping litter box in kitchen, dining, and bed room.  Electronic noise disturbs the kitten so select noise free and calming space in home. Laundry room is ideal to locate litter box. Kitten needs privacy so if you select open litter box then put it in at sneaky spaces. Otherwise they stat relieving in home.  Change the place if you find accident around the house.

Making litter box comfortable:


While selecting a litter box look either you kitten easily got access to the litter box or now. Low sided litter box is good for kittens as they are smaller in size. Two inches higher litter box from side is filled the litter box with beachy and, paper cutting, hay grass or garden soil to provide relax and comfortable space for litter.

Train you kitten:


Start training with you kitten is just 3 week older. It best age for litter training. In first three weeks you kitten take time to stimulate.  Cleat the kitten with wet cloth and paper towel untilled it become able to perform bodically function by own or trained to use litter box. If you kitten have mother then don’t worry mother teach her baby the use of litter box. If he has not then you have to pay attention while training you kitten.  When you dog start to feed him then start to train kitten for litter box.
•    Firstly put the kitten in litter box as he fully recognizes it. Let him spend t few time here either he go for bathroom or not.
•    Repeat the process daily until he become familiar with litter box.
•    Initially place the kitten quickly when he finish meals, get up from bed and when you feel he is going to revile.
•    Few kittens understand it in just few attempts while some need more training.
•    Place the kitten still not able to use litter time more than ten times in a day until they figure it out.
•    Restrict them to digging action as they do it to bury their waste according to their natural traits.
•    Be patience, while train kitten to use litter box.  Gentle and affectionate behaviors are good for litter box training. Petting and comfortable sound is best way to praise you kitten when he go to used litter box by himself.
•    After all training process you kitten is still refusing to use litter box then use grasping process to train it. In this process kitten is confine in a cage or small room have enough space for bedding, feeding dish, water  bowl and litter box.  It will approximately force pet to use litter box as he does not have other choice. It will help him to understand what the sleeping space and what’s the place for reveling.



Here we have the tip to work above kitten training method in best way.
•    Put litter box away the noisy places. Quite and calm spaces are ideas for keeping litter box.
•    Quickly empty the litter box tray when you kitten used the litter box.
•    Keep the box clean   all the time and scoop out the litter daily.
•    Chang the litter box when needed.
•    Put the litter box from the pet bed.
•    Avoid cleaning the litter box with disinfectant products and bleaching otherwise its toxic for your kitten.
•    If kitten still not use the litter box them make it attractive in different ways.

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