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Squirrel Monkey as Pet


Squirrel monkeys are well known with their fast speeding. The prominent feature in squirrel monkey is they make urine with their hands and call loud in voice. These monkeys make a round with their tail around the neck. Squirrel monkeys are often founded in South America. After long medical research it’s prove that you can enjoy with squirrel monkey as a pet animal. Fact and information about squirrel monkey you can enjoy here.



Squirrel monkey are founded in to these three species,

Red-blacked squirrel monkey

Common squirrel monkey

Blackish squirrel monkey

 Life Span:


Squirrel monkey can enjoy their life for 25 years.



Squirrel monkey depends on each other when any harsh condition accrues. They produce different types of sound to call other. Male monkey always in position to impress the females and want get their attention. If you want to live with squirrel monkey as a pet they will not injured or threats you.



This breed of monkey like to eat fruits, twigs, leaves, insect, and some time bugs. Squirrel monkeys like to drink water on puddle places. Getting water from other source for squirrel monkey are from fruits and trees.



Gestation period that take a female squirrel monkey is round about 147 days. The female baby monkey become mature after 4 years long time period as compare to female mature in 2.5 years. Mother monkey give only one baby that can take solid food after passing 20 days. Excellently parents take care of their baby monkey.

Health and Care:



You must wear the dipper of your pet squirrel monkey. Pulled the dipper on the floor and cut the center part to wear the monkey. Pull the dipper in the squirrel monkey tail and fold up then tabs the places tightly. Now if you want then dress up the short to your monkey. Monkeys are fall down in same illness as men. So you check up them to their veterinary when ever need.



For your pet monkey you must need a cage. Wide and well furnished cage you must provide to your squirrel monkey to sleep at night. You can buy wood or steel cage that is best for your pet monkey. Add in cage some swings like features and toys for enjoy different activities.


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