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Sokoke Forest Cat- African Shorthair Cat as Pet


Sokoke Forest, Sokoke, African short hair   these are name of one cat that is rare pet grabs attention of cat lover   through its playful and affectionate behaviors. Sokoke Forest Cat is tamed cat easy to breed.

Life Span:

Average life expectancy is 9-15 year and more.

Litter Size:

One or two kitten in one box

Other Name:

Sokoke cat, African shorthair cat


Denmark, USA, Kenya,



Sokoke is playful and active domestic cat developed by two women, Sokoke developed accidently in 1977 when as cat and its kitten discovered on the edge of forest on eastern Kenya. Jeni Slater took these cats with her on her owned land where she plant coconut plants near Watamu. She decided to breed them as these kitten grow up she realized that all cat have unusual marking which she never seen before. After that she breeds these kitted and stat breeding from them in 1978. Sokoke originally named African short hair firstly show in Copenhagen to introduce this street cat.



Sokoke is medium size, long and smart cat with long legs. Sokoke forest cat as its name Sokoke is wild cat long with a height of 7-8 inches and weight between 6-10 pounds. It has stronger muscular and Athletic body. Front leg are litter shorter then back legs. Small head, long ears and omber to light green eyes are distinctive features resembles with wild cat species. Short hair tabby coat in different shades of brown with an outlining below the spine and over the shoulder evolved from a camouflage. Lustrous coat does not have undercoat that why shedding is low in cat. These cats have sweet voices to communicate.

Personality and Behavior:


Sokoke is intelligent, affectionate, smart and independent cat. These cats love to chat that why it call as chatterbox. It makes sweet and appealing voices. Sokoke is affectionate with human but its little tough to handle Sokoke cat for   visitors and unknown peoples. Sokoke car are closely bound with similar cat also good with other pet. These cats have nice and patient attitude toward kid do not irritate soon. But it attack with very harsh or curl behaviors.

Living Condition:


Sokoke is wild cat but does not take too much time and effort to tame. It lap cat love human company and pleased to live around you. Sokoke is indoor cat follow you from room to rooms to getting your attention. It’s affectionate cat best living with other cat   but stay away from predators. Sokoke freely move inside the home. Take cat outside for little enjoyment that keeps it happy.



Sokoke is highly vulnerable to diseases as it prone minor to major diseases. Take care of its health. Proper vaccinations and regular checkup from relater vet is necessary o maintain its health. Play attention while cleaning its ear. Clean out dirt otherwise ear infections may affect cat hearing. Frequently check cat paws and give proper treatment if you find any cut and bruises.



Sokoke is short hair cat having no undercoat and shed minimal hair that why it favorite cat for those who do not like hairs on carpet and pillows. It need low grooming then other cat juts glove or brush its coat twice in weekly to remove dead hair and defected skin oils. Regular teeth brushing and nail trimming is best of hygienic health. These love water and swimming so bathing is also good for them. Frequently clean its litter box, bedding, and play toys that good for its health.

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