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Soft Natured Cocker Spaniel Puppies as Pet




Cocker spaniel puppies are lovely dog bread that can people keep as pet. It can also gun bread dog. They are active and good natured puppies. Their soft nature can attract the people to keep as pet in their home. They can attach with their owner family with humble treating.

Life span;

Cocker spaniel puppies are having approximately 12 to 15 year life span.

Physical appearance;


Cocker spaniel puppies are cute look puppy. It is can having long furry hairs on their body. It is medium sized puppy with long ears. Their body weight is 24 to 28 pound. Their male body size is 38 to 43 inches and their female size is 36 to 41 cm. it is sensitive dog bread.



Their body color is black, orange and white, liver tan, blue roan and liver roan.

Personality traits;


Cocker spaniel puppies are soft natured, friendly, and affectionate temperament dog. They are intelligent and trustworthy dog. They are trustworthy and good companion of children. They can bite any stranger quickly but early soon as soon makes friend. It is the perfect family pet puppies.



Cocker spaniel puppies having silky coat can look beautiful. For their beauty and health their grooming is must. They can also having short cut all over. So, there is also known as puppy cut. Their cleaning through bathing brushing their hair and trim their hairs every two weeks. Near the eye and ear hair must trim for their good performance. As a whole their full body cleaning is must.



Cocker spaniel puppies are good trainer dog. They are very active and intelligent dog. So, follow your instruction. When you keep as pet, then you should trained with positive reinforcement such as praise and food reward.



Cocker give measured high quality diet. 1.5 to 2.5 cup dry food is given on daily basis diet. When you keep as pet then take care of their proper diet because they are food lover. They can overeat if you can give chance. Overeating is harmful for their healthy life.

Health and care;


They are more sensitive but healthy puppies. They can also fell in some diseases such as eye problem, skin problem, hypothyroidism, primary seborrhea, allergies, and canine hip dysplasia. He can also indulge in behavioral problem such as barking, chewing and digging. You must take care for their diet and health care. When they can fell in any disease then take away from their veterinary doctor for full check up.

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