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Social & Energetic American Bobtail Cat Life Facts



The American bobtail cat first develops I late 1960. The cat is notes able due to its one third or one half length of tail. It’s totally different from Japanese bobtail despite the same physical appearance and name. Sturdy breed of cat has long or short hair on body that is shaggy not soft or fluffy. Any color exist in these cats eyes and coat is strong. These cats are best suited as pet.

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Physical Appearance:


As other domestic cats, American bobtail cat also require two to three years for properly develop. Cat is fairly long with full and broad chest. The hind legs of cat are slightly long with great bobtail features. One third tails that typically straight or knotted. The head is broad wedge with sloped wide nose, almond eyes, and medium ears. American bobtail cat tail is visible above the back.

Personality and Temperament:


Intelligent, active cat like to sit on your lap. Playful, social behavior and energetic cat also clever known how to escape from rooms closed doors. It being social with owner and want their attention by hopping. Cat likes to play games with children and excellent in problem solving. Due to its behavior and devotion sometime it compare with dogs.

Coat Color & Length:


American bobtail cat come in variety of color man to say may be brown, chocolate, blue, lilac, cream, white, fawn, cinnamon, black, or others. Two hair lengths have the cat with two color pattern. Male cat body weight founded between 12 to 16 lbs while female 7 to 11 lbs. cat is well muscled with large boning but the tail length same in all. The favorite hobby of cat is that it likes playing fetch, going on walk.



You can comb or brush cat hair on weekly base. Cat sheds in spring and in fall season. Brush the cat teeth to avoid it from periodontal disease. Wipe the corner of eyes, trimming the nail, but keep in mind get separate cloth or tissue paper for each eye. Check the cat ear on weekly base if become dirty clean with cotton ball but avoid from cotton swabs that can affect the ear.

Children & Other Pets:


The social American bobtail will be good choice for families. Always super and sure that doesn’t hurt by his tail or fur. Cat likes to live with other coat and pet animal and make eco-friendly relationship with them.
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