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Snowy owl as pet


In western culture owl   is associated with wisdom due to its smart behavior and foresightedness. Owl become popular pet after the fame of harry porter movie in which the leading character harry potter takes in white snowy owl to wizard school. White snowy Owl is prettiest and charming owl species that attracts children and younger. Snowy owls are amazing pets as you feel no difference between a parrot and an owl. Snowy owl is larger size bird native to Arctic circular where temperature is low.



Snowy owls are beautiful and good looking birds belong to owl family live in icy areas especially in North America and Eurasia countries. Male owl is in pure white color while female owl is of grey plumage with rich flecks. Yellow eyes, black beak give it distinct look that you can easily recognize them. They are 50-71cm long with a weight of 1.6 to 3kg. Snowy owls have wider wing span that able then to fly high in sky while yellow eyes have incredible sights that they can easily find their prey at nights. They have thicker feather coat and taloned feet that heavily covered with feathers.



Snowy owls are unique and unconventional home pets as they are active at nights and spend daytime in sleeping. They are solitary animal love to live alone. They are not affectionate yet pet lover loves it more due to its magical appearance. In India owl assume that owl bring ominousness in home but they come little improvement in their views. It legal to keep snowy owl in homes but you have to follow some rules and restrictions. White owls are illegal pet in US because they have prey birds may become threat for you.



Owl lives in holes that in stems of tree while you keep them in cat house or build an aviary inside or outside the home.   Snowy owls belong to snowy areas as they need cool temperature places to live with best health. They are long living pets in captivity need more attention. Flying owls requires a fly ones in a day.



Snowy owls are carnivores eat any prey. As we know snowy owl has killing natures live to eat kill, pre killer mice, reptiles, amphibians, chicks and other small animals. Give them varied food in balance it health.



Snowy birds need more attention and caring then other pet as you have to spend lots of time whit them. They also need every day grooming. They fall feather and molt that flyaway everywhere in home. Young owl need to learn about how to prey, fly and live in captivity. They are amazing pet delivered you mails as shown in harry potter movies.

Amazing facts about snowy owl


Snowy owl has sharp talons and feet that they used to prey can deeply inflict puncture wounds that are terrible of humans.

Snowy owls have killing nature greater threat for other pets as well as humans

They need long time training to become good pet.

It need higher maintains cost to keep snowy owl as pet.

Snowy owl required lot of them and care after bring them in home.

They have aggressive nature that not good for you.

You have to woke up at night because owl active at night.



Due to above reasons mostly it’s recommend to not keep snowy owl as pet but if you have greater intention to bring them in home then you have to pay attentions to make them good pets.

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