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Small Size Low Maintenance Guppy as Pet


Guppies are fresh water fish that have beautiful and unique color pattern. Without proper attention these guppy can die after buying. On world level guppy fish are distributed and most popular as pet due to small size and easy maintenance. Male are smaller than female. Learn more about guppy fish from below.

Reason of Guppy as Pet:

They Are Amazing:


Guppies are amazing fish with their flashy tail and come into verities. Coloration and tails come into solid red to other multi color. Male guppies are smaller than the female.

They Are Small And Cheap:

You can enjoy guppy without huge aquarium. If you want handful of beautiful fish quickly buy the small size guppy. These are little as you can buy in just 0.10 dollar.

They Are Low Maintenance:

You can easily enjoy the guppy in clear and clean water tank. Few diseases that emerged in guppies fish as fungus infection. If you keep best care of fish aquarium and clean it regularly then avoid the fungus like problem. Little fish can adjust life in an aquarium.

Easy To Breed:


Guppy fish don’t have long life. If you interested to exceed the number of guppies yourself its difficult task, but if you have courage and power then well perform it. You can enjoy babies’ guppy to adult then give them proper diet.

Life Span:

Male guppy becomes mature just in 7 weeks. Female guppies produce in offspring 10 to 20 week.



Male guppy grows in splashes, spots and stripes base coat while female with gray color. Male guppy body size is 1.5 to 3.5 cm and female 3 to 6 cm. different color pattern and shapes come in guppy fish like snakeskin, grass tone.


You can extremely easy provide the feed to guppy fish in an aquarium. In guppy fish diet insect larvae, plant fragments, invertebrates.

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