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Small Size Black Golden Yak Life


Yak animal are divided in to two types. The first one is wild yak and last one is wild. Domestic yak are mostly used for traveling purpose with different skin base coat. As compare to domestic yak wild yak are threatened. Domestic yak can easily trained and shelter. Yak animal are basically belong to Himalaya region. Domestic yak are smaller in size with great lungs that absorb more oxygen. These yak people keep as pet for milk, meat, fiber, travel, plough purpose.


Yak can live 20 to 25 years.

Color Patterns:

Trim yak: black yak with white head, tail, and feet

Black yak: pure black body with gray nose

Imperial yak: pure black base coat with black nose

Golden yak: golden honey brown yak

Black trim yak: common yak in united state

Royal yak: white and black or golden and black yak



Domestic yak are smaller in size with 350 to 580 kg male body weight while female have 225 to 255 kg. These animals’ sturdy legs, rounded cloven hooves make them unique from other animals. Domestic yak have small ear and wide forehead, horns are dark in color. Male and female horns length is 27 to 64. Both sex emerged with short neck, shaggy hair under woolly coat, long tail. Female yak has four teats.

Quality Diet:


Your domestic yak need clean water, best quality hay, vitamin, mineral mix. If you give best diet to your yak return get in the form of increase milk, meat.



Yak are genius animal and easily understand you. Yak babies are playful, athletic, run fast with their tails and high back. These can talk with snorts, and in head shakes. Always want attention and responding well with real personality.

Cattle Diseases:


Common cattle diseases can found in yak animal. When any diseases come in yak connect with local large animal practitioner and follow their recommendation. Make vaccination of yak for their good health.

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